Man arrested in Ramsgate on suspicion of assaults including emergency worker attack

Police arrested the man in Grange Road Photo Charo Duff

Police officers arrested a man in Ramsgate yesterday evening (April 8) on suspicion of several assaults  including one on an emergency worker.

Multiple police vehicles arrived at the scene just before 6.15pm following an initial report of an assault at a private address.

Photo Charo Duff

A member of the public at the scene was thanked by Thanet officers for his assistance. The man helped to restrain the suspect.

He said: “I restrained his legs from moving and then his arm as it got free from the officer. He was reaching for the officer’s duty belt so I restrained his arm from moving for it! It lasted about 3 or 4 minutes until other officers took over. He was definitely putting up a struggle and did act as if he had a few drinks.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “At 6.13pm on Wednesday, April 8 Kent Police officers arrested a 44-year-old man from Ashford, in Grange Road, Ramsgate.

“The man was arrested on suspicion of an assault committed at a private address and assaulting an emergency worker.”

The man remains in custody as enquiries continue.


  1. I am, of course, not privy to what has happened here but SEVEN (from the photograph) police vehicles to attend this incident seems like American over kill to me. Did not think we had that many available police officers?, as that is what we are always told.

  2. Seven Police cars, looks like they were probably just joining in, to waste time.

    I thought it was a criminal offence to waste Police time.

  3. The police officer most probably pushed his panic button and this means all police will come to aid the officer and friend just like anyone else who is in danger would want his mates to come and help them I know I would. It may seem like over-kill but The main thing is it wasn’t just the officer who was assaulted other people were to and it is more than likely more would have been if the good citizen hadn’t stepped in and helped to subdue the assailant. For all we know the assailant may be carrying the covid – 19 virus and was spreading it around or a knife but we do not know nor would the man who helped. Just think in this day and age of knife and gun crime he has got mates watching his back. Chris

  4. In an incident like this, wouldn’t all the local police have been in radio contact with each other? Surely, it would not have been impossible for the nearest police car to radio back and say he was nearest, and on his way? Perhaps they were just fed up driving around telling people to self isolate, it must get a bit boring for them!

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