A256 Sandwich Bypass finally reopens

The lane closure is over

The A256 Sandwich Bypass has finally reopened today (March 30).

The carriageway has been shut since December following a sewer burst. At the end of last month surveys showed the crucial ‘geo-grid’ engineering on the embankment was intact and Kent County Council’s Highways department were expected to give the go-ahead for work to reopen the carriageway.

But a  further issue was then identified on a second sewer pipe which takes wastewater flows from the Deal area  – the two sewer pipes run in parallel underneath the same section of the road.

Southern Water said several bursts occurring so close together is unusual and the company was unsure why the pipes failed, as they are still within their usual lifespan.

Additional tankers were brought in to manage wastewater flows and protect the environment while workers carry out further repairs.

A Southern Water statement says: “We’re pleased to say the A256, Sandwich has been reopened, following our vital work in the area.

“There will be a lane closure in place on the northbound side of the road for us to carry out the final lining works underneath. Thanks to everyone affected for their patience over the last few months, and we are really sorry for the disruption caused.”