Hailstones and gusting winds mark an unseasonable start to British Summer Time hours

Fierce waves at Ramsgate Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

Thanet has taken a bit of a battering from the strong winds today (March 29) as the first day of British Summer Time (BST) -clocks going forward one hour – gets off to a chilly start.

In Ramsgate huge waves crashed against the harbour wall and over moored vessels whilst in Margate the community sauna had to be propped up after shifting sands caused its rear wheels to sink.

Photo Carl Hudson

The machine is due to be moved to Walpole Bay. This was originally scheduled for April but it is not clear whether this will still take place due to the current coronavirus restrictions and social distancing.

Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

The machine was set straight as soon as staff could get to it,

The unseasonable weather has included snow and hailstones.


  1. They should remove now thats why the seasonal summer consenionaires don’t leave anything there because of shifting sands.how do they get their figures from I go along there ever day and nobody has been near the place.thats since it was first put there they can hire a tractor to tow of the beach.

  2. This sort of weather is not unusual for the time of year I’m 69 on my21st Birthday which is on may 1st we had raging Blizzard

  3. Normal weather for March.
    What I can’t understand is why a tin shack on wheels is tolerated on the main sands. Definitely a non artistic vanity unit built of tin roofing that should be taken imediatly into the Turner Contemporary as “Art”

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