Thanet council sets up Covid-19 helpline for vulnerable residents

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Thanet council has set up a dedicated helpline for residents who are vulnerable and are self isolating in line with NHS advice during the coronavirus crisis.

It has been set up to ensure that the most vulnerable people in the community who are unable to go outside to buy supplies are helped to get the things they need.

These residents should call 01843 577330. The helpline will be open 9am to 5pm every day including weekends.

There will be dedicated people available to put callers in contact with the relevant organisations or council services to provide support for those without friends or family to assist them.

All other Covid-19 related enquiries should be directed to the main switchboard number 01843 577000.


  1. As I am at the top end of my eighth decade, I am supposed to be Confined to Barracks for 12 weeks. Just before this emergency started I was thinking I needed a haircut which I didn’t get! Now what do I do, by the end of 12 weeks I will look like an old English Sheep Dog! Of course this Tory government didn’t take this into consideration at their COBRA meetings, typical, only thinking of themselves, I suppose they can always get their Butlers to cut their hair! Any volunteers?

    • I am going out, on my bike! I don’t scare the horses, because I wear a helmet, and face mask, and of course I avoid people! Its wonderful, a bit like riding to school in the 50’s, as there’s little traffic about!

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