Launch of Thanet mental health support campaign

Mental health service directory

A Thanet mental health support campaign has been launched to make sure people can easily find the services they need.

Thanet council has coordinated the effort to create the ‘Help is Here’ campaign to increase the accessibility and visibility of the wide range of mental health support services that are available to Thanet residents. Social media is also being used to reach a wider, Thanet-based audience, including those who are suffering from mental health issues and people who are looking to support others.

Services have been listed on a local directory as a way to provide support to people and guide them to other organisations.

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  1. It’s strange I just made comment about mental health units that have not been used since the human rights act that you cannot keep people in hospitals any more I was a format mental health manager voluntery until people were put in to the community.some patients have never been able to.look after themselves in the community. What is the plan

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