Do you know who ‘Smoke’ belongs to?

Who has lost this elderly dog?

A Thanet dog group is appealing to find the owner of a  elderly hound picked up in Dane Valley this morning (March 13).

The grey and white dog, thought to be about 14 years old, has a chip with the name Smoke but the details are out of date with a London phone number which no longer connects.

Smoke was picked up in College Road at 9.30am. The finder contacted the Missing Dogs and Strays in Thanet group which is trying to track down the owner.

She was taken to Thanet Vets and has since been collected by the dog warden.

If anyone recognises the dog they are asked to phone 01843 577000.
The owner will now incur charges of £105 council fee and added cost for kennel fees.

Find more details here


  1. What happens to the old boy now? What happens if no one owns him and pays the bill?
    Would it not have been better for him to go to Dogs Trust or a Thanet rescue? I hope he is not going to be put down

  2. Found dogs by law have to serve tgeur 7 days under the care of the warden or the finder can retain on a 28 day license with Veiw to adopt. .after the 7 days are up the dog will go to a local rescue fir medical and temperate assessment then rehomed

  3. Don’t expect anyone with very little money to come forward to claim them now you’ve advertised the £105+ TDC bill.

  4. This dog looks really similar to a dog that is walked in West brook Margate. There’s an old man with two dogs and they never have leads/harnesses on, they just follow him. He has a brown dog who is a bit bigger. Anyone agree with me or am I imagining it?

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