Acol artist’s kickstarter for Greta Thunberg ‘bootleg art toy’ creation

Philip and his Greta bootleg art toy

A limited edition ‘bootleg art toy’ of climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg has been created by isle artist Philip Page.

The gamer, painter and model maker has created Greta, with a twist, as a hand cast and hand painted three and one quarter inch (82mm) resin miniature, blister packed on a full colour double-sided card.

The ‘bootleg’ toy -where an artist brings something different and subversive to their resin figure and packaging – has a cartoon influence after Philip discovered one of the green teen’s middle names is Tintin – synonymous with the Belgian cartoon character.

He said: “I was originally inspired by seeing videos of the bootleg toy scene, I enjoy its irreverent nature, the strong sense of fun and the great art it produces. Secondly I found inspiration from Greta Thunberg, and when I discovered one of her middle names is Tintin a small cartoon bulb shone brightly above my head.

“This project is different from my usual work, but I’m happy with the result.”

There will be just 50 bootleg Greta’s, signed by Philip, and 40 of these will be available through a kickstarter campaign.

The master model and the moulds have been made and Philip has started painting. Artwork is finished and ready for print on 3mm board.

Now he needs projects backers to pledge £50 or more each to receive an Urgent Adventures of Greta toy and a free badge, signed and numbered.

Philip, from Acol, has previously made casts for Fenris Games, Tobsen77, Hasslefree Miniatures, Charlie Foxtrot Models, Microworld Miniatures, Perfect Six, 2d6 Wargaming, CP models and many others.

The kickstarter launches tomorrow (March 13) and will be available to view here