Disruption expected for some Ramsgate bin collections due to Southern Water roadworks


Thanet council is predicting disruption to bin collections in some Ramsgate roads this week due to Southern Water sewer pipe repair works.

Disruption is anticipated on:
(Collections normally on a Thursday)

St Georges Road, Ramsgate
St Andrews Road, Ramsgate
Rosebery Avenue, Ramsgate
Honeysuckle Road, Ramsgate
(Collections normally on a Friday)
Hereson Road – from Boundary Road traffic lights to Warten Road, Ramsgate
St Davids Road, Ramsgate
St Patricks Road, Ramsgate
Muir Road, Ramsgate
Cornwall Avenue, Ramsgate
Cranbourne Close, Ramsgate
Beechcroft Gardens, Ramsgate
Cecilia Road, Ramsgate
Union Road, Ramsgate
Lillian Road, Ramsgate

A message from TDC to residents in the affected roads says: “We will aim to empty bins on your scheduled collection day, but if your bins are not collected on this day, please leave them at the boundary of your property and we will attempt re-collection as soon as we can.”


  1. The test is whether Ramsgate residents will actually notice any difference from the usual high number of missed bins ?

  2. We have three road closures in less than a year for significant amount time. Kent highways surely should be informing district councils of proposed road works. It is extremely frustrating when there is no communication from any local authorities regarding their plans to ensure refuse collections will be carried out. We have had letters from Southern Water to inform residents of the road being closed. There is also road works on Dumpton Park drive causing further issues arising from diverted traffic from Hereson Road. Surely there is enough time to complete these works at separate intervals. I did contact Thanet DC to make them aware of the road closure on Muir Road well in advance of the start date. It is poor from the council to not make provision to maintain business continuity. We’ve had bins left out awaiting collection and being blown over during the recent storms. As the council no longer provide street cleaning, our neighbourhood looked like a recycling plant had exploded. Not good enough and you should not be increasing our council tax this financial year!

  3. Where I live I Ramsgate,it appears they only come once every 2 weeks now,orwhen they can be bothered?? Prey tell where does or whatdoesmy council tax actually pay for???

  4. On the other hand, when our street was closed off for weeks by Southern Water, the bins were missed only once, and then they were collected the next day.

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