Extremely high tides on Thanet coast

High tide at the Western Undercliff Photo Brian Whitehead

An extremely high tide has come in around the Thanet coast.

It coincides with a flood alert for  coastal areas including Ramsgate and Margate throughout today (February 10).

The alert for Ramsgate, from the government’s flood information service, says: “This Flood Alert has been issued as large and powerful waves are expected to affect the foreshore.

“Flooding is expected two hours either side of high tide, between 9:45am and 1:45pm (February 10).

“Flooding is forecast to affect locations near the coast throughout this area, with low lying land expected to be most affected, particularly around Kingsdown, Deal, Pegwell Bay and Ramsgate.

“The unsettled weather with strong winds and possible rain is forecast to continue and the next tides could also affect locations near the coast.

Broadstairs Photo Sally Jones Rowell

“Please be careful in areas along beaches, promenades, coastal footpaths during the period of concern.”

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A new alert for Margate issued today says: “A large tidal surge has affected the area as a result of Storm Ciara. Consequently flooding of roads and low lying land near the coast is expected between 1pm and 3pm today.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and will issue further messages if necessary. Our incident response staff are operating our structures in the area.”

Videos and images were taken from a safe distance. Coastguard advice is for people not to take any risks as the surge can be powerful.


    • What’s unusual (according to the Met, and what do they know?) is the extensive area affected by this storm (ie the whole of the UK) and the frequency with which they are happening.

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