Customers leave Vue at Westwood as ‘huge bang’ puts venue in darkness

Screens are off at the Vue

Vue at Westwood Cross suffered a power outage following two ‘huge bangs’ according to customers inside the venue.

The outage today (February 9) is one of a number of incidents due to Storm Ciara, which is producing winds of around 64mph across Thanet, Staff say managers dealt with the issue ‘quickly.’

Cinema-goer Tyrone Keen, who was trying to watch the new Dr Doolittle film with his step-daughter, said: “There was a huge bang and the power went out. There was a huge power surge and staff struggling to get things back online.

“Halfway through the film and there has been another bang and the whole place is in darkness. There are hundreds of people here and everyone is using their phones in the actual cinema screen room.

“People are leaving and asking for refunds. All of the screens are off but they are refusing refunds at the moment saying it’s not their fault. I have said it’s not mine either.”

A staff member disputed that refunds had been refused saying a family of four had left, with a refund and complimentary tickets, and managers quickly dealt with ‘two short outages.’

The storm has also resulted in power cuts for properties in the CT9 and CT11 areas.

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  1. The vue was closed for repairs. This is the only time I’ve heard of pest removal as a repair. However if people knew the rodent problem it would put them off going to the cinema, even after the “repair” had been carried out.

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