Cowley Rise Stores ready to opens it doors in Dane Valley

The building has been transformed

The Domingos store in Dane Valley reopens under its original name of Cowley Rise Stores tomorrow (February 8) at 11am.

The store has had a complete refit and a new takeaway, to be named Bigg Dee’s, will be opened next door in the coming weeks.

Property owner Malwai Singh Nijar, of Pej Court Properties, said: “We are excited with the outcome of the project. We have a revitalized, updated, modern building for the local community.

“Internally the off licence has had a total refit and externally I think we can agree that the building has had an amazing transformation.

“I hope the local community will be pleased that we have managed to agree a tenancy for the premises with our previous tenants, who had successfully run the shop for nine years and were very popular.

“The well-liked and respected Deelip, who worked in the off licence, has secured a tenancy for the new take away next door to the shop which will be opening as Big Dee’s in the coming weeks.

“We think this significant investment marks a very positive milestone for Dane Valley and we are very pleased to be a part of it.”


  1. It’s just a shame when doing the inside up they didn’t comply with regulations making it accessible for people with disabilities and wheelchairs who are still locked out of this shop. Even the takeaway has a step to get in although not as bad as all the steps up to the shop. A ramp could and should have easily been incorporated whilst the work was going on. The Disability Equality Act 2010 says there is a duty on owners to make changes or adjustments to ensure you can access shops and other places if you’re disabled. If they refuse, you can make a discrimination claim under the Equality Act.

    • Actually this was bought up and the council rejected the wheelchair ramp as it encroached on the pavement due to the plot size of this site, which the council didn’t want. Which I can kind of understand.

      There is so much regulation and red tape around the ramps, it’s unreal. It’s not just about installing an access ramp, but complying with every single regulation that comes with it. There’s regulations on the angle of the ramps, and it would have been impossible to install one here without it being on the pavement, which the council did not want.

      Shops and businesses are not required to make changes which are impractical or beyond their means. Which the act allows for and states, that in some cases it won’t be possible. Such as here. So no, you can’t claim here. But you can try.

      And before some smart ass like Marva says about portable ones, the law is vague and more sensible guidelines regarding portable wheelchair ramps should be made.

      The key word in the legislation is “reasonable”. But everywhere should be accessible – for anyone, but sadly we live in a time where people go around thinking “where theirs blame – theirs a claim”. In this case the council took legal advice on this particular site and it had met the adjustments of this act.

  2. Exactly what i was thinking…planning department should have picked this up at first application….longstanding legal requirement…

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