Chilton pupils lend a hand to Tesco customers – and entertain with song medleys

Chilton youngsters helping out at Tesco

Children from Chilton Primary School lent a hand at the checkouts at the Tesco Extra superstore at Westwood.

They helped customers package their bags of goods and assisted putting them into their trollies.

As well as volunteering, the pupils who are members of the school’s Harmony Choir, entertained customers and staff with a selection of songs including a medley from the all-time favourite musical film Grease, plus a mix of pop and country songs.

Their packing and singing won them praise. Deputy Head of School Natalie Barrow said: “We were congratulated on how beautifully they sang and how much help they offered. They were also praised for how polite and kind they were.”

Macie from year 6 said she really enjoyed singing and making people smile, while Rose from the same year group liked the fact that they were able to interact with our local community.

The visit was for the Chilton in the community action that is a regular part of the school year.

Miss Barrow added: “Our children learn the importance of caring, respect, kindness and helping others from their first days at Chilton. It was lovely to see them putting it into practice – it certainly brought out smiles from the shoppers and we enjoyed it too.”

The singers, who were also accompanied by Harmony Choir leader and senior teaching assistant Mysti Watling, raised £278 towards school projects through donations for their help.

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  1. I put £4.00 in while there where singing and some lose 2p and 1p at the check out so thank you for helping pack my bag I think I was near to the post office check out. So hopefully the school raised bit

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