Margate’s Barclays bank to close for good

The branch will close in May

Barclays bank in Margate will close this May.

The banking giant says the branch has seen a 21% decrease in transactions in the past two years and identified that only 213 customers use this branch exclusively for their banking.

In notification about the closure Barclays says: “Before we make the decision to close any branch, we think carefully about how it has been used so far.

“We consider how many customers have been visiting, what kind of transactions they’ve been making, and all the other ways they’ve been choosing to bank with us. We also take into consideration the availability of other branches in the wider community.”

The branch, at 66 High Street, will close its doors on May 7.

County councillor Barry Lewis has called it a ‘horrendous decision,’ adding: “This will hit traders and means the elderly who do not have internet banking will suffer.

“Yet again multi-national banks are putting profit before people.”

Following the closure the nearest branch will be in Queen Street, Ramsgate.


  1. Who owns the building?

    It might make a useful shelter for the homeless. Until we get enough houses built. Though , at the current rate, this will take many years.

  2. Appalling. It is always well used and staff are lovely. There is always a queue with obviously many business people paying in as well as the rest of us waiting their turn. I discovered some years ago that Barclays don’t own the building. If we use ATMs and self service in shops businesses find a good place xcuse to sack staff.

  3. Obviously the last Thanet branch will close with the likes of Herne Bay closing soon after. Eventually the only branch being within a 15 mile radius will be Canterbury to handle any personal issue or business queries. The likes of Skype will take over much like some interviews are carried out today for interviews and business conferences.

    As for the lay person they will be directed to their local Post Office to do their banking. The problem with this is that any credits to ones account will take a little longer.

  4. Its a business and makes decisions on that basis, within a couple of hundred yards there are nationwide, santander and natwest, all of whom i’d expect would be more than happy to take on new custom, it would be good if Barclays offered assistance to those needing to move their accounts. Its hardly the end of the world.

  5. As a customer of Barclay’s people que up outside the door many businesses pay cash in on a daily basis not everyone has access to internet banking that not always safe.A let down to their customers.Its not a good idea to go to other banks in Margate their branches could close in the future.

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