Man taken to hospital following assault and suspected car theft incident in Ramsgate

The victim was found in Albion Road Photo Sarah Thomas

Information is being sought following a report of an assault in Ramsgate this morning (January 27).

Officers were called to La Belle Alliance Square in Ramsgate at around 11am  where it was reported a man had been assaulted following an altercation with two males inside a property before all parties left the scene together in a white BMW car.

The car, which had been reported as stolen, was found abandoned in Albion Mews by patrols at around 11.30am.

The victim suffered cuts to his arm and hand and was found by officers in Albion Road before being taken to hospital for treatment.

A knife was recovered in Wellington Crescent.

Searches were carried out in several locations and Albion Road was taped off by officers this morning during the investigation.

Police cordon at Albion Road Photo Sarah Thomas

The two suspects are both described as black men in their 20s wearing high-visibility jackets over dark clothing.

Detective Sergeant Vanessa Law said: ‘Thank you to everyone who has already spoken to officers following the incident.

‘Any witnesses who were in either La Belle Alliance Square, Albion Mews, Albion Road or Wellington Crescent between 10.30am and 11.30am on Monday 27 January, or has information about the incident, is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/16639/20.’

You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or using the anonymous online form at


  1. Perhaps if the Police took the Eastcliff neighbourhood seriously in terms of eradicating open drug dealing on our streets we wouldn’t be populated with predatory recidivists!

  2. The police are turning a blind eye to most Drug dealing in Ramsgate. I know of several very active dealers who have been reported numerous times by frustrated neighbors and residents but the police do nothing, a couple of these dealers have been continuously reported on for over six months but still not one police visit or arrest.

    It’s not just the drug dealing, it’s also the antisocial behaviour that comes with the junkies. The junkies treat the streets where they buy their drugs as a rubbish tip, dumping all their crap.

    By ignoring the desperate residents pleas for help and allowing the sale of illegal narcotics to go unpunished it could easily be argued that the police are in effect complicit in the dealing. I know the police are understaffed but allowing drug dealers to sell their poison without fear of prosecution is just wrong

  3. Yep the police are definitely a blind eye to drugs around here and its rife around here all they have to do is stop the cyclist with the man bags it is a fucking joke

    • The cyclists with the man bags are also the same ones who use mopeds to deal drugs. They are all operating from one house in Ramsgate. The police are fully aware of them and have been for over a year now but refuse to do anything about them.

      This particular drug gang are all scum, they are a violent group of teenagers making more money from drugs than most people who work hard for a living. It’s a disgrace that the police are turning a blind eye to their drug dealing, violent behaviour and drug driving.

  4. Almost every street in the Cliftonville West ward has a junkie population fed with a non-stop supply by dealers. Just take a walk around the area and you can’t miss them dealing in openess. They are in the back alley’s and on street corners, HMO’s and churchyards. The problem has got so bad and with cheap but deadly drugs going about the police would need an army of officers to deal with it all. They just can’t be everywhere dealing with every crime under the authority of the Tory Government everyone keeps voting back in. But this just might be a part of their scheming plan to get rid of the desperate, vulnerable and poor in society so only the elite can prosper.

  5. The previous comments are spot on,the idea of stocks on the high street is interesting but some toerag will steel them for a fix.

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