‘Real life’ Fortnite-style gaming is coming to Thanet

Run N Gun launches at Drapers Mills next month

A ‘real life’ Fortnite-style experience with ‘airsoft’ game play is being launched in Thanet on February 8.

Civil servant Matt Woodward, from Margate, came up with the Run N Gun Airsoft venture as a way to entice son Tyler, 11, away from the X-Box.

The adventure – described as paintballing without the mess – is based on battle survival games.

It has three scenarios – Capture the Flag, Zombies and the popular video game Fortnite. There are up to 15 different game modes.

Dad-of-three Matt, 35, said: “I work for the civil service and was liaising with local councils, when I found that there is a huge drive in getting children all of all ages to become more active.

“I have an 11 year old son and, although he plays football three times a week, I know how hard it is to drag him away from his X box.  I started to think of a way that he could do both and am now running Fortnite styled airsoft events.

“Kids and adults can come and play the game they love with their friends in a real life immersive simulation.

“I spoke to Drapers Mill school, who are as driven as I am in giving the kids of Thanet something to do and getting them out the house and become more active.”

Run N Gun will be held at Drapers Mills primary school in St Peter’s Footpath, Margate, every Saturday from February 8, 9am to 7pm. The activity is for those aged 11 and over,

Bookings are for 90 minutes and cost £20pp.

Individual and party bookings can be catered for, including birthday, corporate, stag and hen events.

There are no extra charges for ammunition used in the plastic guns.

To find out more find Run N Gun on facebook here

Or online here


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      • A gun is an inanimate object, the killing is done as a result of the choice someone chooses to use it for. To deny everyone the chance to learn how to use a firearm for any other purpose ( target shooting is about the most inclusive competitive sport there is) is irrational.
        On the basis of not liking something because of the harm it may do , you should be far more afraid of alcohol , mobile phones that are in cars, disqualified drivers, or for that matter cars. All of which have a statistically much greater chance of doing people harm. Not to mention knives.
        Yet all these things have the same thing in common, all are incapable of causing harm unless misused , and in every case its the person using them that causes harm.
        That its part of the political narrative to place the blame on objects ,rather than the person using them ,is strange.

  2. NMPLGBOSOFAH- your ill-informed assessment of me is , naturally, wrong. Other things I don’t like: pollution, poverty, under-funding of crucially important aspects of society eg state education, the NHS and the police force.

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