Londoner remanded on charge of heroin and crack cocaine dealing in Thanet

Image Kent Police

A suspected drug dealer has been charged with supplying heroin and crack cocaine in Thanet.

Cameron Johnson, 22, was arrested when Kent Police and Metropolitan Police officers carried out a warrant at a house in east London on Wednesday (January 23).

Officers seized a mobile phone, a number of sim cards and cocaine.

Mr Johnson, of Frinton Road, Plaistow, has since been charged with being concerned with the supply of crack cocaine and heroin in Thanet between November 2019 and January 2020.

He appeared before Medway Magistrates Court yesterday and was remanded in custody until February 24 when he will appear at Canterbury Crown Court.


  1. Great news we are seeing the police are working on it. They just have to wait until they have enough evidence to carry out arrests on people especially when it is drugs as without evidence they cannot hold them or even take them to court. Police need more information and help from citizens who are willing to give names dates times etc to them on the scum who trade in drugs or any other contraband. For the amount of police officers around they are doing the best they can.

    • Sorry, the system really doesn’t work for the most part, over 3 years to shut down the carry on in St. Johns road margate, now. Its moved to addington street. Edgar Road in cliftonville has had several groups of dealers over the years, each of which carried on pretty well untouched for considerable lengths of time.
      Too many at it at too many addresses. But every arrest is a step in the right direction, even if it is akin to counting grains of sand on the beach.

  2. These drugs are cheap and easily produced, so why not sell them legally and at cost in chemists, or provide them for free? Drug Crime and associated violence costs society Billions, and the jails are full with people caught dealing, and gang wars! Just give drug addicts as much free drugs as they need to kill themselves, simples! This would close down drug dealing, and associated violence overnight! The money saved could go on providing Social Care, and freeing up police for more worthy use elsewhere!

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