Two teenagers due in court accused of violent disorder and assault in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

Two teenagers are due to appear in court charged in connection with a disturbance in Broadstairs where a woman in her 30s suffered injuries to her face and emergency workers were assaulted.

The incident involved a group of people, mostly teenagers, and took place in The Broadway at around 10pm on Saturday, December 14.

Two people were charged the following day in connection with the incident and are due to appear at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (January 13).

Jaden Cashen, 18, of Beatrice Road, Margate, was charged with violent disorder, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and two counts of assault on emergency workers.

A 17-year-old boy from Broadstairs was charged with violent disorder, two counts of assault, and breaching a criminal behaviour order.

Although two people have been charged, officers believe there are still some witnesses who have yet to make contact and are appealing for them to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/247009/19.

Alternatively, contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or using the anonymous online form at


  1. I hope the government bring in some real meaningful discipline for these young thugs we are sick of years of the softly softly approach it has not worked and never will.

  2. Agree 100% Ann. The lack of a real deterrent has given the scum in society the freedom to do what they want, when they want with no care for the people who’s lives they ruin in he process. A severe talking too or a pathetic community order that they refuse to obey are not deterrents.

    Personally I think a lot of this comes from the Human rights act 1998. This one piece of liberal lawmaking has changed British justice and not for the better. Criminals are awarded the same rights as their victims. Yes human rights in this country are important but this one piece of lawmaking literally handed a lot of power to the worst of society. The police and prosecutors must be sick to death of felons chanting the human rights card.

    A lot of liberals claim that short prison sentences do not work, well if that’s the case then start locking these thugs and criminals up for longer, perhaps an extended sentence might make the scum of society follow the rules that the rest of us adhere to.The people who actively support the rights of these thugs are no better than the filth they are protecting.

    It’s time to stop feeling compassion and stop making apologies for criminals and start treating them like the animals they really are.

  3. Criminals are not animals. They are human beings. They are not filth, nor scum. They are people . That is why they are so difficult to deal with, isn’t it? It’s easy enough to call them anything you want, of course. Not so easy to change the conditions which have caused their criminality.

    • Once again Marva is defending and apologising for the low life’s, the violent thugs, the evil in society. You keep apologising for them and empowering them but one day if you unfortunate enough to be one of their victims you would soon change your tune. If you genuinely believe that all these young thugs do not know better than you are seriously deluded.

  4. I think Marva you are a fruit and nut case. You defend the indefensible. I agree thugs are not animals thugs are shi* t.
    It is an insult to animals to say thugs are like them.

  5. Marva do you call being giving everything you need money to do what you want with no need to steal when you’re parents give you everything an excuse to do what they do. And you say we don’t know what made them do it do you seriously think that can excuse their criminality if you believe that then you are as dangerous as the criminals. Petty thieves who steal food from a shop I understand I don’t condone it but saying we don’t know what caused there criminality to wreck violence on a young woman and the emergency people who tried to help her. Marva try facing it some people are just scum vicious thugs who don’t care for anyone. Would you still be saying what you have if they did it to you marva.

  6. I thought this comment thread was about the justice system, not about insulting people who don’t agree with you. Please do not assume that I have no personal experience of assault.

    • Marva you said (not so easy to change the conditions of which have caused there criminality) as I have said if someone has been given everything in life what reasons do they have to do what they did to the woman and the emergency service who came to her assistance.

    • Marva, Violent Thugs like the criminals in the article are not violent and abusive because they come from poor backgrounds. They are simply evil thugs who care nothing for anyone other than themselves and similarly violent mates.

      A lot of these young thugs have been allowed to turn feral and have zero discipline in their lives. For years people with your mindset have been dismissing their criminal activities and emboldening them. These thugs know the pain they are causing their victims but do not care at all, they are selfish turds and eventually kids just like these will kill someone, I wonder if you would still be so apologetic then ?

  7. In the days when we had capital punishment, it did not deter criminals from committing crime. In the USA, where there still is capital punishment in some states, murder and rape are still committed, often.
    Clearly, if the harshest of punishments (and being electrocuted seems pretty harsh to me) isn’t a deterrent, then maybe society needs to look elsewhere.
    Unless punishment is used as society’s revenge on the criminal; that’s a different kettle of fish.
    But as a deterrent, punishment mostly doesn’t work. (In the UK, 75% prisoners reoffend)

    • Andrew, At least when they are locked up they are not violating the rights of the law abiding citizens. Violent criminals belong behind bars, not left out on the streets free to commit more crimes.The simple answer is that If criminals are reoffending after short term prison sentences then Lock them up for longer, this country would be a safer place.

      These violent criminals that you seem to have compassion for have zero compassion for you, they are brutal, violent, self absorbed thugs who don’t care what harm they cause. They are scum.

      • I don’t recall expressing any compassion for violent criminals. I just pointed out that punishment is not a deterrent. Yes by banging people up (at great expense to the taxpayer – £20,000 to £30,000 per prisoner per year) keeps them off the streets.
        But wouldn’t it be more satisfactory all round if, for a fraction of that cost, remedies could be put in place that would prevent the violence happening in the first place?

        • Unfortunately It’s too late to offer birth control to their parents.

          It may cost up to £30000 to keep these violent thugs in prison but it’s money well spent and it’s still cheaper than cleaning up the damage and mess caused by these evil turds. The police costs, the emergency services costs, the hospital costs, the emotional costs, they are all relevant.

          As the offender in this case has already shown, these turds do not adhere to their community behaviour orders.

          • You don’t seem to have an opinion as to the desirability of spending a much, much smaller amount of money on tackling the root causes of behaviour that leads to crime? Surely, it would be far, far better to spend a small fraction of what it costs to imprison offenders on removing the causes for their offending in the first place? A win-win situation. It saves the taxpayers money, there will be fewer victims of crime, and fewer stigmatised and disrupted families of imprisoned criminals.

          • And as re-offending stats show, most criminals, on release from prison, re-offend.
            So fines don’t work. Prison doesn’t work.
            What do you suggest?

    • Read the article fully Marva, the 17 year old has previously been spared a custodial sentence and has repaid the soft liberal judge by breaching his criminal behaviour order. Community sentencing is no deterrent and is a joke.

      These are violent thugs, they are not people stealing food to feed their families, they are scum and and they need to be locked up behind bars where they are not a danger to the rest of us

    • They just invent things you haven’t said, or construe the most absurd conclusions from what you have said. Logical argument, based on facts, are not part of their armoury.

      • Tony- my first posting was not even putting forward an argument, just stating a fact, so I don’t see how it could be contentious. I don’t see how anybody could suggest,as Ann did, that this makes me a”fruit and nut case”.

  8. Marva you are delusional if you read what we have said it is you and people just like you can’t see what is happening I certainly am meaning you Marva and your blinkered mind as concerned and I have pointed out that the older lad has got away with it at least once before and the young lad who some of us know who it is because of his age is protected by law. I give you this Marva even though you are completely way wrong in what you think and say about this violent thug and baby accomplice you still say the same old trite.

  9. I sincerely hope that whoever judges the trial of this vicious violent crime are strong enough to give a decent sentence if they are found guilty of the crimes we know they did. For Marva’s reading I know they are innocent until they are found guilty as is our law.

  10. I don’t see how people can misinterpret a short and straightforward comment, but they are doing so. Please stop misinterpreting what I wrote earlier and reading things into it which are not there.

  11. It’s not the judges and magistrates who are “soft” and “liberal”. The laws, and the punishments, are determined by the government. The government you voted for.

    • Andrew, the judges and the cps are filled with liberal progressives.

      As an example, a year ago in Thanet, a young local man was attacked by 2 thugs outside a shop. These violent criminals punched him the back of the head, then The two turds jumped on his face when he was down on the ground, then they repeatedly Kicked him in the face. The CPS which should be called the criminal protection service, recommended that instead of a custodial sentence that the offenders should be allowed to apologise to their victim and have a community based sentence. This wasn’t the first time these animals have attacked someone and seriously injured and hospitalised an innocent victim in an unprovoked attack.. A year later this poor victim has still been unable to return to work because of his injuries and has unsurprisingly chosen to face these vicious thugs in court in the hope they get the lengthy prison sentences that they deserve.

      I honestly don’t see how either you or Marva can seriously want animals like these free to roam the streets and attack even more people. Perhaps if you was forced to deal with the victims of these criminals you might change your opinion.

      Violent criminals belong behind bars. No one else is to blame for these violent animals other then themselves and their parents. Some people are just evil scumbags who enjoy hurting innocent people.

      • I haven’t for one moment said that violent criminals should be treated with velvet gloves. You, and other members of the flog ’em and hang ’em brigade are just making up your own story.
        Again, I will reiterate: maybe, if imprisonment isn’t working ( and the government’s own stats show that it isn’t) then maybe time, resources and money should be devoted to looking at other solutions.
        The judiciary can only impose sentences permitted by legislation. The legislation that 10 years of Tory government has given us.

        • Around 50% of thanet police interventions have a mental health aspect. In the past the seriously mentally ill were housed in mental health asylums and treated. It was decided that this was inhuman and now the vast majority live amongst us largely unsupervised and with free access to drink and drugs. The results are maybe not a great surprise.
          Yes the mental health budget could be greater but it would never be great enough to treat all those in our communities , given the amount of time it takes to track them down and get them to treatment , let alone put right the additional damage done by drink and drugs.
          There are also huge numbers of young disaffected youths who crave the lifestyle of the rich and famous but don’t actually want to put any effort in, in the absence of any real sanctions they can do pretty much as they please which for many includes dealing with too many situations with violence.
          Society has decided we neither think its right to lock them up longterm or pay to rehabilitate them, though given that all most of them want is material possessions for minimal effort short of giving them 1k a week most will not change their ways.
          Ramsgate is a very intimidating place thursday -saturday night, i’ve witnessed an assault in cliftonville on a week day afternoon, took pictures but police not even interested in seeing them.
          These days its a case of just hoping its not yourself or your loved ones that are victims.

          • It wasn’t a suggestion to pay them , rather one which would be more likely to work . Remember Kids Company and the rather unique Ms Batmangeledge ( no idea of spelling) the wonders they professed to have achieved were based for the most part on bribing their clients. If you fill someones pocket with cash they are more inclined to spend it than commit mischief to acquire money.
            Though ask a bemefits officer what happens when someone who’s been sanctioned for breaking their return to work contract ( or whatever it is) and then say they’ll go shoplifting to get momey.

        • Andrew, yes I do want criminals to go to prison, they have committed crimes and turned their back on society and need to be punished. Punishing a criminal is not revenge, it’s called holding them accountable their actions.

          Yes, The reoffending rates on short term prison sentences is shockingly high but the reoffending rates of long term prisoners is virtually on a par with community sentences, so yes I and many people like myself want the scum of society punished for their crimes and if Longer prison sentences are more effective than short sentences then lock the animals up for longer and keep the rest of society safer in the meantime.

          Keeping a prisoner from reoffending by locking them up in prison is still cheaper than having them in the streets reoffending. £30 thousand to keep a vicious animal locked up is worth every penny.

          Your comments on this article and similar threads remind me of another commentator on this site who once made the most ridiculous suggestion I have ever heard, they suggested that instead of penalising criminals they should be paid to stop their criminal activities. Who in their right mind would ever bother seeking employment if the government was going to pay you to be good? and why should the hard working innocent citizens pay their taxes so that criminals could get paid for doing nothing, it would basically mean that people would be paying a protection tax.

          Justice lost its edge when Tony Blair and his Labour Government introduced the human rights act in 1998. The Labour Party also introduced ASBOs, their attempt at a new way to keep criminals out of prison, look how well that turned out, offenders saw them as badge of honour and not a deterrent.

          You can read all the left wing sociology books you want but you fail to understand that a lot of the scum that you try to protect commit crimes Simply because they can, because they want the expensive items and don’t want to work for them. Not all criminals are driven by poverty. Most young criminals steal for want and not need.

          How Would YOU deal with violent thugs who are not afraid of a community sentence, how would you suggest punishing these vile people who think nothing of stamping on someone’s head ? How would you stop someone from dealing drugs to school kids because they can make a couple of grand a week with no regard for the young lives they are ruining ? How many criminals now report cannabis psychosis as a mitigating factor yet the Labour Party and Liberal party want to legalise it ?

          I will say it for a final time, a prisoner in a cell is no longer a danger to the general public, a violent criminal in a cell is not randomly attacking people for the hell of it, a drug dealer in prison cannot sell drugs to 14 year olds and a burglar in prison cannot steal someone’s treasured possessions.

          • There was a superb local beat officer in cliftonville in the early 00’s, he reckoned that if he could lock up the 10 most prolific offenders on his beat for 5 years with no chance of early release you would reduce crime by 50% instantly and by 75% in two years. They not only committed crime but were figure heads and instigators of others committing crime. Instead he spent his time arresting one day to see them back out pretty much instantly.
            As for the violent thugs, take them down a back alley and break a few bones, they reaaly don’t understand what they do to people , a little experience of the pain might be a revelation to them. But it won’t happen anymore than their being locked up, so they see they aren’t really doing anything wrong.

          • The suggestion to pay criminals not to offend was ironic, wasn’t it? I forget who made it.

            I have never read a sociology book. Nor have I suggested that all criminals are poor. But referring to people as scum and animals does not help anybody or anything.

          • True. A criminal locked up in a cell (at great public expense, and no little consequence to his or her family) is no longer an immediate threat to society.
            However, a socially challenged person, who enjoys intervention before he or she commits a crime, *has* to be a better outcome all round. It’s far, far cheaper. It’s far more stable for the family. It’s better for all of us.
            If you want to see animals behind bars, may I suggest Howletts?

  12. Andrew, a criminal who gets locked up only has themselves to blame for any suffering that their families may endure. Criminals need to be accountable for their crimes not just constantly given get out of jail free cards.

    I’m am still waiting for your socialist ideas on how to deal with criminals ? You are extremely quick to criticise people like me who want the scum of society jailed but you offer no alternative of your own. It’s ok trying to find the causes of crimes but people have been trying to do that for decades and still have no answer. What’s your enlightened form of punishment for a violent thug who has just attacked someone for no other reason than they want to ??

    You don’t need to go to Howlett’s to see animals, you only need to walk around Thanet and witness the countless feral kids and junkies going about their daily lives with no fear of the law.

    • People have been banging people up (and worse) for centuries. And it doesn’t work.
      It’s not a deterrent, and it doesn’t rehabilitate.

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