Chilton primary pupils record special Christmas song

Pupils at Chilton have released their song

Chilton Primary School singers hope they will be top of the pops with families, friends and staff with their festive song.

Children of all age groups have rehearsed and recorded an original number that is on sale at school.

Called ‘I Believe In…’ is was written by parent Sam Smith, and recorded in school and at the Pie Factory youth music studio.

The cheerful song includes these lyrics: “When jingle jangle bells can be heard around the sky, And the Sally Army’s horns are a deep winter sigh, We’re walking round the shops with a twinkle in our toes, ‘Cos Christmas is coming – and Rudolph’s red nose.”

A competition to create the CD sleeve artwork was held in school, and the winning entry is by Nadia from Year 5. It shows a reindeer, a snowman, a Christmas tree and a smiling sun wearing a Santa hat.

Assistant Head of School Hannah Cheshire said: “Every child is on the CD. We recorded it as a whole school and in class groups, and then some children from the choir performed solos.

“It is a one-off project co-ordinated by our Chilton Fundraisers to support school projects.

“It is great to see the school community come together to work in such a wonderful project.

“The children are extremely excited to have been a part of making a Christmas song, and we are hoping to get the song played on our local Academy FM radio too.”

Head of School Kate Law added: “This is a terrific idea and it is a wonderful experience for our children – I am sure the CD will be a treasured memento for them and their families to listen to each Christmas for years to come.”