Ramsgate Arts Primary’s Santa’s Grotto raises cash for new play equipment

A visit from Father -and Mother - Christmas

Santa paid a visit to weave some Christmas magic for children at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

Accompanied by Mrs Christmas and three elves, he welcomed groups of the younger pupils into his glittery grotto that also featured snowmen and reindeer.

After chatting with the wide-eyed children, Santa introduced his wife – Mary Christmas –who had them spellbound with a storytelling session, while the cheeky elves – Naughty Dave, Glitina and Sparkle – added to the fun.

Children also enjoyed singing traditional festive songs in the grotto – and then with a little more magic, youngsters from Reception to Year 3 returned to their classrooms to find Santa had left them each a present and a book.

The grotto was a central part of RAPS festive fair and both were run by the school’s Parent Council.

Money raised from sales and donations will go towards the council’s current fundraising project to help pay for and equip a new play area in the school grounds.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “It was a magical treat for our children. They loved visiting Santa and Mrs Santa and listened to their stories.

“Our Parent Council is vibrant, strong and supportive and they help us in so many ways. They are a big part of our community and last year were instrumental in providing a new stage area for our main hall.

“They work tirelessly to help give our children the best resources in their learning environment.”

RAPS Christmas also includes nativity plays, Christmas parties, carol singing, a festive shop, and a lantern parade through Ramsgate at the start of December with the Arts In Ramsgate group.