Consultation over changes to Thanet’s housing plan up to 2031 now open

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Thanet District Council will be consulting on proposed modifications to its Local Plan 2011-2031 from today (December 11) until Monday, January 27, 2020.

Thanet’s draft Local Plan 2011-2031 – a blueprint for housing and infrastructure across the isle – has been progressing with hearings held by the Planning Inspectorate between April and July  following submission in October 2018.

The plan sets out how much development is needed to support the future population and economy. Transport, employment and infrastructure -such as roads, schools and GP surgeries – are also examined in the plan.

Some changes (referred to as ‘modifications’) are now being proposed by the Planning Inspectors to the draft Local Plan – including a reduction in the number of houses built over the next five years and the setting of a policy for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation.

Some of the main modifications include: A new policy on the review of the Local Plan; Recognition of the DCO process on the Manston airport site; Amendment to the affordable housing policy. Reducing the number of homes to be built to 3,000 in the next five years – the draft plan had indicated 6,000 homes to be built between 2021 and 2026 – and a policy to set out the need for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation

The list of proposed ‘main modifications’ can be found at with a representation form for responses. All representations made will be taken into account by the Inspectors and included in their Report and Recommendations. The Inspectors have already considered comments submitted between August and October 2018 so there is no need to make these again.

Hard copies of the main modifications and related documents can be found at the Thanet Gateway. The consultation closes at 5pm on  January 27.

This marks one of the final stages of the Examination of the Local Plan 2011-2031, which ends with the Planning Inspectorate’s report to council, which will set out any further modifications that the plan requires. The council will then be in a position to adopt the Local Plan 2011-2031 in the Spring.


  1. Our gp surgeries and infastructure can’t cope as it is down here just forget thanet and build some where elsever what we really need is jobs and I’m trying to get an hobby business off the ground but keep getting told I’m now allowed unless I can conform with this climate change crap so more houses here means more pollution but having an airport is better less houses and more money.

  2. Climate change is not crap as in nonsense but crap as in something we really don’t want, not in its current critical state anyway.

  3. I am sick to death of literally being stuck in traffic. I have witnessed ambulances wedged in between traffic wasting valuable time. Road closures due to accidents. Thanet is an Small Isle. We are already overpopulated, we do not have enough Doctors, nurses or medical professionals to cope. QEQM Hospital is under staffed, the staff they have are working flat out.
    Thanet is congested with high Risk pollution Areas, why would you want to add more houses? Why would you want to squeeze more people into a small area?

    • Oh the irony! You’re stuck in traffic – but you’re part of the traffic!
      What you’re suggesting is that everyone else but you should be off the road!!

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