Ramsgate volunteer tapes off seal corpse on beach and issues warning to dog walkers

Taped off at the Western Undercliff

A Ramsgate volunteer has taped off an area of the Western Undercliff beach due to a dead seal which washed up on Saturday ( November 23).

Maxine Morgan, of the Western Undercliff Community Group, said despite reports being made at the weekend the animal is still on the sand and could present a hazard to dogs if diseased.

Maxine said: “On Saturdaymembers of the group contacted me regarding a dead seal on the beach. I was told that it was out of hours and wouldn’t be dealt with until Monday.


“Thanet council did put up a a temporary sign to say they are aware amd dealing with it and used tape to mark it off. Unfortunately these dead animals have diseases that are transferable to dogs ,so dogs need to be kept away.

“Thanet council out of hours and British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) were made aware on Saturday. I met a council worker down here at 9am and he said that at low tide a digger would be sent down here to remove the seal.
“None of that happened. I phoned and emailed everybody that I could think offthis afternoon. Eventually I got an email back frim (an officer) who claimed they were unaware of it.”
Unfortunately the seal has still not been moved and Maxine has now taken matters into her own hands by warning off dog walkers this evening and taping off the steps area where the corpse is.

The regular litter picking, beach clean and gardening volunteer said: “At 4:30pm today I was told a gentleman would be down to tape off the area and put signs up. I’m still here freezing cold and have managed to warn four dog walkers and thave now taped it off myself

Thanet council has been commented for further details.

UPDATE: The seal has been removed from the beach (November 26)

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