Fire crew remains at large haystack fire in Westgate

The haystack blaze Photo Sophie Rowe

One fire engine remains at the scene of a large haystack fire off Minster Road, Westgate, which has been alight since 2.47am yesterday. (November 19).

Those living and working nearby are still being advised to keep windows and doors closed due to smoke. In addition, anyone travelling past the incident is advised not to stop to take photos, as it causes unnecessary risk to road users.


At its height four fire engines were at the scene. It was scaled back to two fire engines yesterday morning and by afternoon it was burning out under controlled conditions with firefighters carrying out a watching brief at the scene.

Fire crews have said they were dealing with 7,000 bales ablaze.

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  1. It is not a haystack fire it is straw? Was straw? About 200tons of it. I assume it was arson? Straw does not combust like hay. Hay can get very hot when stacked tightly and is liable to burst into flames of its own free will after a long period

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