Ramsgate hairdressing salon launches ‘silent appointments’

Obsessions Salon in Ramsgate has introduced silent appointments for clients. Picture credit: Obsessions/Facebook

It’s normally the place to go for a good yarn.

But for those wanting to take a little time out from busy lives, a Ramsgate hairdressing salon has launched a new type of appointment – with no talking.

Obsessions Salon in Ramsgate has introduced silent appointments. Picture credit: Obsessions/Facebook

While not quite the silent treatment, clients at Obsessions Salon in York Street get a full consultation with a stylist beforehand.

But then the silent appointment kicks in and it’s quiet from then on.

On its Facebook page, the salon bills it as the way to take some time out from the world.

“Our stylists will hold a full consultation at the beginning of your appointment to establish what you are after, then we will go quiet and just let you enjoy some peaceful time out just for you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“No trying to bury your head in a book you’re not even reading just to skip the small talk – sit back, relax and just enjoy quietly watching the world go by.”


  1. I think it’s a wonderful idea, we live in a world surrounded by noise, what a relief to get some peace and quiet

  2. what a palaver whatever next!!! I know, put a mask while having a hair cut..a confused cat mask . Shy dog . Little fish who wants to be a big fish mask. 2 name afew!!

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