Kent Events Margate issues statement following Quex fireworks display


Quex fireworks organisers Kent Events Margate have thanked people for turning out to yesterday’s (November 2) event despite the bad weather.

Concerns were raised by some who had pre-booked for the display that the wind and rain would ruin the event and possibly cause health and safety issues.

The event company made the decision to go ahead with the display after advice from firework contractors although it was initially thought the bonfire and video wall would not go ahead and live music on the stage would be moved into the bar area. However, the bonfire was lit on the night.

In a statement Kent Events Margate said: “Safety is the utmost priority of Kent Events and we would never proceed with an unsafe event.

“Kent Events successfully delivered the event, with the exception of the video wall. The delivery of the event was through constantly assessing safety measures, liaison with our safety team and implementing additional safety parameters to ensure we could ignite the bonfire (albeit we could not finish the Rubix Cube design). The evening was clear, the wind had dropped, and the rain had ceased. Both firework displays were successfully executed as per the published timeline.

“When you purchased your tickets to Quex Park Fireworks, you were agreeing by the event terms & conditions, which clearly stated, for the delivery of the bonfire and fireworks event, the event shall be deemed to have been delivered in line with these terms and conditions as long as at least one pyrotechnic or fireworks had been fired or a display took place regardless of subsequent actions taken on the grounds of safety.

“With regards to refunds, they will only be honoured, if Kent Events, cancels, moves or reschedules the event as per the terms & conditions. You’re not entitled to a refund if you change your mind about going or realise you can’t go anymore.

“Therefore, as Quex Park Fireworks was successfully delivered, refunds will not be issued. Kent Events would like to thank everyone who had shown confidence in the event organiser and attended the event as scheduled.”

Kent Events Margate can be contacted at [email protected] 


  1. As has been said before: don’t go next year. All this talk about health and safety is a smoke screen.
    At the very least Quex could have offered a partial refund or a discount against next year’s event.
    It’s a bit much when a commercial organisation takes to the local press to justify its actions by quoting, at length, the small print.

    • Look its very simple It’s an outdoor event in November. When you pay out for these type of non refundable events you have to be prepared to lose it without the event happening, or losing it if the event goes ahead in conditions which you may not wish to attend in

      That said it wooukd be v good pr fir the organisers to offer say 50% off next years event to people who were scared off by the thought of a quagmire and possibly more rain

  2. I don’t understand why people would pay to see fireworks, when there are so many free displays organised by pubs and rugby clubs and so on.
    Shame Ramsgate no longer puts on a public display.

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