Angry response as Quex fireworks organisers say event will go ahead despite heavy downpours and winds


Angry customers have been calling for refunds, or a postponement, of the Quex fireworks and bonfire event this evening (November 2).

Organisers Kent Events have issued a statement to say the fireworks will go ahead but the bonfire, video wall and stage performance will not take place for safety reasons.

However, they also say the fireworks are the main attraction and refunds will not be given for those who choose not to attend.

In a statement Kent Events Margate say: “Quex Park Fireworks has always been a fireworks display as the main attraction, with a bonfire and additional attractions added to make the event different and more enjoyable. Those of you who have been to the event previously will know that most years it rains, and we appreciate the weather is causing concern and that other events have cancelled.

“We are constantly monitoring the weather forecast and are using the same system used by the insurance industry which indicates although there will still be some rain, the wind will reduce significantly by 6pm and in time for the first display at 6.30pm

“We have consulted the firework providers, (band) Bon Giovi, the infrastructure providers and health and safety who are satisfied it is safe, subject to some minor changes for the event to proceed as planned.

“Certain aspects of the event, for safety reasons will now not take place, the bonfire will not be lit, as this would produce excessive smoke. The video wall cannot be put up, however we will still be playing all good 80s anthems. The band will now not be able to perform on stage but will still perform in the bar area.

“The display timeline remains unchanged, with the first display at 6.30pm followed by Bon Giovi performing and the finale display at 7.50pm.”

A response on private messager also says: “It is your decision should you choose not to attend the event. However ,the long range weather forecast indicates the wind will significantly reduce by 6pm in time for the first display, therefore we are proceeding with the event as planned and refunds will not be issued, in accordance with the events Terms and Conditions.”

Many customers have taken to the Kent Events Margate page to demand  the event is postponed until tomorrow, when the forecast is better, rather than only delivering ‘half an event’ with one branding the decision “an absolute disaster.” Some have questioned health and safety and access issues for the less abled.

However others have decided to brave the weather, vowing to have ” extra jumpers and wellies at the ready” and saying it is not unusual weather for November.

Firework displays at Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Lydden Hill race circuit and Great Lines Heritage Park in Medway have been called off due to the weather conditions.


  1. I went a few years back we stood around for ages as they couldnt light the bonfire. After about 2hrs of nothing we left before the fireworks and haven’t been back since …….sounds like nothing has change !

  2. I’m very puzzled by all the negative comments! We walked up to Quex from where we live near Beresford Gap. The rain had stopped, the wind had died down and we had a great evening! The first firework display went ahead as planned, the bonfire was lit and the second display with the fireworks choreographed to the music was one of the best I’ve ever seen! Did people decide not to go & feel aggrieved that they’re not entitled to a refund? They should’ve dressed appropriately and made the effort like we did! It wasn’t even particularly cold, for goodness’s sake!

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