Fake Thanet council instagram account causes furore with ‘firewoks cancelled’ post


A spoof Thanet council Instagram account has caused a furore after posting to say firework events on the isle are cancelled.

The account, which bears the official council logo, posted today (October 30) to say bad weather had caused organisers to call off the displays.

Kent Events, which organises the show at Quex Park in Birchington, has been inundated with calls from anxious visitors who have paid for their tickets.

In a social media posting Kent Events says: “This is fake news. The hacker has blocked Thanet District Council and Quex Park Estates from responding to this fake news account.

“Kent Events confirm Quex Park fireworks will go ahead as scheduled even if it rains,”

Rock the 80s is the theme of this year’s display at Quex park in Birchington on November 2.

The event will feature  Bon Giovi, a Bon Jovi Tribute Band, and various music videos from iconic 80’s artists on the video wall.

There will be two firework displays and a bonfire. The first display is not set to music, the second will have a background of artist including, Phil Collins, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Aerosmith and Run DMC, Van Halen and Europe.

Firecrackers and ground maroons will be used.


Event starts from 4pm

6pm – 1st display (not set to music)

6:15pm – Bonfire lit (Noise Warning – Fire crackers)

6:30pm – Bon Giovi Tribute Band

7:30pm – 2nd display – set to 80’s music (Noise & Vibration Warning – Ground maroons)

Event closes 9pm

Register your interest at [email protected] or call the ticket hotline on 0785 2763045.

Advance tickets will be withdrawn from sale at noon on Saturday,November 2, tickets can then be bought on the gate if the event is not sold out.

Advance prices are adult £13.50, child £11.50, under five free entry but a ticket must be applied for

On the gate adults £15, children £13, under 5s free. Child tickets valid for those aged up to 15.

Viking Bay display

Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Town Council also presents its firework display on November 5 at Viking Bay,

There will be live music from 6pm, fireworks are at 8pm weather permitting,

Find  Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Town Council on facebook for last minute details,


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  1. Kent Events called them a Hacker, but that is not what hacking is. It’s essentially a satirist making light of the dumb stuff TDC would usually post.

    People need to learn to differentiate between satire and real information.

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