Newington nursery children explore the world of learning

Little ones at Newington nursery

Children from as young as three years old are taking big steps into an exciting world of learning at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

In the first term the nursery is a hive of play and structured learning as pupils explore their classroom and play area during their three-hour daily sessions.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Nursery education is a crucial building block for the future of our children’s education.

“Newington is in the top ten per cent of all schools in the progress made from nursery to Year 6 – we are confident that all children starting at our nursery will have outstanding outcomes.”

Chatting, dressing up, tackling basic skills, exploring the variety of play areas inside and out or snuggling up with a book for some quiet moments all add up to a productive and busy time for the children.

Nursery teacher Carly Reavill said: “There are so many learning and play options for the children. In a very short time they have already got used to their new surroundings and are developing their communication skills and are making new friends. We can see the changes in them in just a few weeks as they grow more confident and settle well into the nursery routine.”

Mr Stokes said: “I think sometimes people underestimate just what nursery children are capable of, but in our experience they show marked development socially and educationally quite quickly.

“Our parents are encouraged to come into the nursery and work alongside the children as the important relationship between home and school develops.

“It is fantastic that our nursery pupils are already experiencing the basics of reading, writing and Maths, as they explore through learning and fun.”