Court orders two Thanet flytippers to pay out total of £6,135

Waste dumped at Marsh Farm Road

Two people from Thanet have been found guilty of fly-tipping and ordered to pay hefty fines.

Both cases were heard at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Monday, October 14.

Ian Houghton, from Margate, was found guilty of fly-tipping in a case which resulted in a hefty fine and costs amounting to just under £5,000.

The court heard evidence and statements in the absence of the defendant and Mr Houghton was found guilty on the count of depositing waste. Based on Band F of the environmental sentencing guidelines, the defendant was fined £2,640. They were also ordered to pay £2,074.38 costs for legal, enforcement and waste clearance. A further £170 was ordered to be paid for victim surcharge. This totalled £4,884.38 and the judge ordered that it be paid within 28 days.

CCTV captured footage of Mr Houghton depositing waste, by emptying contents from a trailer onto the highway at Buenos Ayres, Margate, in February before removing the trailer.

The second defendant, Roy Branch, from Ramsgate, was found guilty of two offences and was fined £400 for fly-tipping, £200 for carrying waste without a valid licence and ordered to pay £651.65 in costs for enforcement and waste clearance. The total to pay is £1,251.65.

Mr Branch dumped waste by farmland on Marsh Farm Road, Minster. He had been paid to remove mixed waste from a residential property in Westgate-on-Sea.

Thanet District Council’s enforcement officers say many fly-tips reported in Thanet have been dumped by local people. Further prosecutions have been secured in cases where someone has been paid to take waste away but instead of disposing of it properly they’ve fly-tipped it in the local area.

Cllr Steve Albon (pictured), Cabinet Member for Operational Services at Thanet District Council, said: “People must be cautious when someone offers to take their waste away and check that they’re licensed to do so. The council offers a bulky waste collection service, charged at a nominal rate, for people who have larger items they wish to dispose of. There is also a recycling centre run by Kent County Council at Manston Road which is open daily.

“We urge residents to make use of these services. Illegally dumping waste can have serious consequences for individuals. It also has the potential to hugely impact the environment, cause harm to wildlife and negatively affect health. We all need to work together to keep Thanet clean.”

Rogue traders are currently advertising on social media as rubbish and bulky waste collectors and then fly tipping it across Kent. Residents must ensure they only give their waste to registered carriers. Many people are unaware that they could face a penalty of up to £400 if an unlicensed carrier fly-tips their waste.

Anyone who witnesses fly-tipping is encouraged to report it online or directly to [email protected]

Anyone who wishes to use the council’s bulky waste collection can telephone 01843 577 115.


  1. Of course Steve Albon is right that people should check that contractors have a license to take away lumber and building materials etc. However, shouldn’t organisations advertising these “services” also have a requirement to only accept such adverts from contractors able to quote a current registration / licence?

  2. I dont think £25.50 is a ‘nominal charge’ for many residents in Thanet. Why not make it free and save on the cost of investigation, prosecution and collecting said dumped waste.

    • Of course Kent County Council admitted that their new charges for their dumps only just about cover the cost of administering it but think it is an important principle that people should pay for services! No wonder we get fly-tipping all over the County.

    • TDC should not charge to take away large domestic household waste, otherwise it could end up being Fly Tipped in a back ally! These ally’s were installed when long rows of terraced housing were being built and coal was the only means of heating, and in some cases cooking! Coal and the removal of “Dust Bins” had to be delivered/removed via these allys, but now they are a favourite place to Fly Tip! The allys are also vital for some emergency services, but very often they are blocked by large items that have been Fly Tipped! If large items of domestic waste was removed for free, it would cut down on Fly Tipping no end, as some councils have proved I believe.

    • Mary – please be clearer with your allegation – are you saying that the fine goes into the pocket of the officers or the councillors ?

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