Protestors stage singing protest as Brexit Party meeting held at Walpole Bay Hotel

The singers in protest outside Walpole Bay Hotel

A group of singing Remain activists braved the winds to perform a series of popular songs to protest the east Kent Brexit Party meeting held at Walpole Bay Hotel yesterday (October 25).

Thanet councillor for Margate Central, Rob Yates (Lab) joined composer Emily Peasgood and the singers to belt out classics such as Back for Good and With a Little Help From My Friends

The hits were given lyrical Remainovers with lines such as ‘Hey EU’and ‘Do we need anybody? The nearest landmass will do’- Kelis’ infamous ‘Milkshake’ song was avoided as candidates arrived at around 7pm.

The singers in protest outside Walpole Bay Hotel

Other songs included What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor (What Shall We Do With a Rotten Brexit), There’s No Business Like Show Business (There’s No Brexit Like No Brexit) and Raining Men (Remaining Men).

Cllr Yates said: “Last night over 50 Thanet residents peacefully protested against the Brexit Party at Walpole Bay Hotel by singing an hour of songs. It was a lot of fun and we had people who were planning to go to the event change their mind and join our chorus outside.

“Individually I would like to thank Emily Peasgood for creating the lyrics for the songs (now available for free online) and leading the singing, the Walpole Bay Hotel for letting the protest take place, and  Kent Police for videoing the event after the Brexit Party got in touch with them.”

Rob Yates and Emily Peasgood

The Brexit Party members included South Thanet hopeful Timothy Vince who says he would ‘stand aside’ if the Brexiteer -MP Craig Mackinlay – defected from the Conservatives to join the new party led by former Ukipper and parliamentary candidate, Nigel Farage.

In a well-attended meeting chaired by North Thanet candidate John Fitzpatrick , discussions regarding UK democracy and EU accountability were heard.

The candidates in attendance were:

John Fitzpatrick (North Thanet) is an emeritus professor of law in the University of Kent, a leftist and a lifelong trade union activist. He said: “The continuing failure to implement the 2016 Referendum is the single most destructive development in domestic politics in modern times. We need to Leave the EU, and rebuild our democracy.”

Timothy Vince (South Thanet) has extensive commercial and charity management experience in the UK and the Middle East, has two children studying at UCL, and served as chair of school governors for SEN children. He said: “The EU has assumed unaccountable powers without mandate. We must restore trust in politics; we must leave the EU.”

Andrea Cooke (Ashford) is a healthcare professional in the NHS, specialising in practice education for operating theatres, mother of two and animal lover.

Owen Prew (Canterbury), is a University of Oxford law graduate, and committed outdoor enthusiast.

Evie Martin (Sittingbourne and Sheppey) is a small business owner and working Mum

Tania Jackson (Gillingham and Rainham) has a degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Liverpool, and has two children. She has worked on a zero hours contract in fruit packing, been a care home manager, and is now an English teacher, including voluntarily with refugees.

The guest speaker was Ben Habib, an MEP for London.

Brexit Party meeting

Mr Vince told the meeting, “I don’t have much political experience but it strikes me that it’s not whether there’s a Brexiteer here or a non-Brexiteer, they have all gone for this withdrawal treaty about paying money to leave the EU.”

“This is our opportunity and if the Brexit Party isn’t here I can tell you the track record of the Conservative Party is to disregard what the Brexit voters what and the Brexit Tories want.  I told this to some ladies at the Falstaff (hotel) and I will say it again if Craig Mackinlay wants to stand as the Brexit Party MP I will stand aside.”

Questions from the floor included a query about the party’s manifesto and whether they were a “viable political party.”

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “There is a manifesto that’s going to be published just like any other party but the fact remains whatever happens in future, the clue is in the title- it’s a one-issue campaign at this stage…. Brexit begins again when the deal is signed. There’s still much to be done. It may not be satisfactory but we can’t pretend we are a party with a slew of experience in other policies and we don’t want to be, I think. There will be an manifesto in the future.”

Dane Valley councillor,  Linda Potts (Thanet Ind Group) asked whether it was wise to split the vote, saying voters just wanted “Brexit done.”

Asking about the impact of a no deal Brexit, a Manston worker questioned whether the party had considered the Yellowhammer paper which warned of financial difficulties.  He told The Isle of Thanet News: “We could be out in a matter of days. I am here to see what they have to say as I am working at Manston at the moment and on the consequences of a no-deal Brexit.”


    • What was FAIR about it!? EVERYONE was brazenly lied to, including on the side of a bus, and that it would be the easiest thing to do. Have YOU ever tried to unmake a soup, apart from throwing it ALL in the bin?

      • ANOTHER REMAINIAC LIE : That Vote Leave, on the side of the bus, said we WOULD spend the 350m per week on the NHS ! – they said could FUND the NHS (look at that bus) – a completely different thing !! ….If I said “If I won 10 million pounds on the Lottery, I could buy a new car” would you say I’m saying I would spend 10 million pounds on a new car ? …. NO !

        • If you’re going to insult someone (I suppose “Remaniac” is intended as an insult) at least use your own name.

      • What a silly childish reply. How old are you?. You want to be tied a undemocratic foreign power who we pay 1 billion a month. How many buses does that buy.

    • Well done Thanet Brexiteers. Labour has let us down badly in NE.and they will pay the price. The BP is gathering more and more support, even from Tories. Take care to NEVER TRUST THE LIB DEMS.

      • Well Niall, if that is the best you can do, start reading. Start with “The Great Deception” by Booker & North. Available on Amazon. You might see what a “Masochist” really is. Don’t let ignorance prevail. Education helps preventing people from “cliff diving” due to ignorance. The book enlightens the reader, how the great politicians did not allow us to know and, how they deceived the British people. But be careful, you might well become a great, upstanding, British subject. Beware of the weaklings, or cowards and the deceivers.

    • Remainers lost, indeed. But if you are determined to drive the bus over the cliff, isn’t it prudent to have a look at what’s at the bottom, and try and choose a bit that’s not got so many sharp and jagged rocks?
      Jim Fitzpatrick said “We need to Leave the EU, and rebuild our democracy.”
      What on earth does that mean? Why does the one depend on the other?
      Timothy Vince opined “We must restore trust in politics; we must leave the EU”. How does leaving the EU restore trust in politics?
      I would say to Ms Confused that Parliament’s reluctance to abruptly sever ties with Europe has little to do with refusing to carry out the will of the people, but more about ensuring that when the will of the people is carried out, it won’t ruin the country any more than necessary.
      What O find curious is the PM’s rabid insistence that we must be out by 31st Oct. Why? What’s so special about that date? There’s still lots of stuff to be sorted out, not least the Irish border problem.

      • Andrew, good thinking. Plenty of quotes, many questions and what if’s. What I was looking forward to reading, was the brilliance of your suggested solutions. Oh dear, none to read. What a shame.
        Beware of those politicians you might trust. We hope they don’t fool you into sitting on those “sharp and jagged rocks” you invented.
        Jim Fitzpatrick might just be right in his comment on democracy. He might even know a little more about the subject than you.
        Timothy Vince might be a lot more informed on democracy than you wish.
        Ms Confused has the guts to express her beliefs. Ms Confused appears to have matters well in hand. Just think about the vast sums of “money” this great UK could have saved, if the will of the people had been honoured in a perfectly legitimate referendum. The British people knew what they were voting for. If others didn’t, what a terrible admission of ignorance.
        With regard to ‘leaving’ on whatever date, and in your opinion, “lots of STUFF to be sorted out” the referendum was in 2016. What does that tell you about your politicians. Are we meant to believe, that you uphold the actions of those MP’s who have deliberately ignored the democratic will of the people?
        If we continue to be ruled by the ‘intra-national’ bureaucracy in Brussels, then it is highly probable, that you, and potentially your children, and their children, will pay a very high price. There will be no turning back, the dye will have been cast.
        Let us consider how the Lib-dems., the Scottish Nationalists, now some of the labour party, have in a disgusting way, wreaked havoc upon the people of this great country.
        Finally, in your derisory way in distorting other peoples comments, try to reflect on the hundreds of thousands of young men and women who are lying under the soils of Europe. They paid the ultimate price for your freedom. There was nothing for them, as comfortable as “a sharp jagged rock”

    • It wasn’t a fair vote! No one knew what the Terms & Condition were to leave, if they think they did why are they still arguing over them? Do the sums: Only 72% of the electorate voted! Only 52% voted to leave, so what is 52% of 72%? Its a little over 37%, so that means about 63% of the electorate did NOT vote to leave!

      A short while ago over a million people demonstrated against leaving the EU in London, which was hardly reported (I checked) Has anyone seen any people demonstrating in London in any similar numbers to Leave the EU? Boris Johnson can’t be trusted, he is a proven liar, and is in it for what he can get out of it in the longer term, as are most of the Brexit MP,s like Jacob Rees-Mogg, who moved his £billions in a Hedge Fund to Ireland!

      Why leave the second largest economic bloc in the world after China? Because it will make it easier for the Americans to buy up Britain, and turn it into the 51st State!

      • Dumpton, you appear to be well researched in your calculations. I am sure you could make 1-1=3. I am convinced that your reasoning has failed you miserably, in your proportions of 1 million, against 17.4 million.
        Did you know the terms and conditions of the UK’s membership of the EU?. I will let you into a little secret, “You weren’t meant to know” Like your parents and grandparents, we were not allowed to know. Keep it a secret, that the people of the UK were deceived by the politicians of the past. Do a little research and find out the truth behind “The Common Market” and what the people were told. Not what the people were not told, that will give the game away.
        You advise that Boris is a “proven liar” and poor Jacob moved his money to Ireland. As it appears you are a “Remoaner” you should be happy with Jacob’s decision to move his money to Ireland.
        You appear to have lots of knowledge on the economy’s of the EU and China. Have a closer look at the real state of the economy in the EU. Mind keep it a secret, or everyone will want to leave the EU. Tell Jacob, he needs to bring his money back into the UK before it’s too late.
        A good piece of information, letting us know that we could be the 51st State. It would be helpful if you could calculate what our EU number will be in the future. Do we come after the Scottish Nationalists, or before? Important part of the calculation.

  1. Very enjoyable public meeting. Candidates were a breath of fresh air with diverse experiences including human and animal rights work, with people coming together from the left and right and greens, putting pay to the tired old smears. Couldn’t hear the choir for the applause. It was all positive. Old politics has had its day.

    • Cliffsville, well done the BREXITEERS. We ‘are’ from all walks of life and we are unified in our cause.
      There are those in the UK who have what was commonly known as “A big yellow streak down the middle of their back”. In simple language “Cowards”
      It is difficult to understand what drives some people to pass all good things that are British, into the hands of an unaccountable, very expensive, non-elected bunch of bureaucrats.
      The date is now set, so let us all get out, talk to people and win.

  2. Well done Thanet Brexiteers. Labour has let us down badly in NE.and they will pay the price. The BP is gathering more and more support, even from Tories. Take care to NEVER TRUST THE LIB DEMS.

  3. Democracy left Britain in 2016, when remainer’s did not accept that the majority of the peoples Vote to leave the EU. A truly disgraceful act, to refuse to obey the Referendum result!
    Why don’t they (remainer’s) just accept the RULES???????????

    • How do you work out that the Remainers (no apostrophe necessary) have in any way obstructed Brexit? If you’d read Andrew’s comment above, you’d have seen that what most likely what’s happening is that many, many politicians, of all persuasions , are quite rightly concerned to see that when the “will of the people” is carried out, it doesn’t wreck Britain.
      For that, you should be grateful.

    • Can you define these ‘rules’? Because it very much looks like it’s being made up as it goes along.
      The problem with squawking “We Voted Leave.” and “Leave means Leave” is, against the 51.9% of the voters who did vote “Leave,” 48.1% voted “Remain.” If you consider that the referendum turnout was 72.2%, these numbers reduce to 37.5% and 34.7% respectively: about a third of the electorate voted one way, a third the other way. Why should such a slim majority allow the winners to impose their preferences on the minority? Is there a divine right of the majority?

      • It’s also worth noting that a referendum is advisory, and carries no legal weight; if it had been an election, it would have been illegal, because the process was so flawed; there was next to nothing told to us about the likely consequences of Brexit.
        In these circumstances, it seems reasonable that the future of this country should not be based on the opinions of 1/3 of the ill informed electorate.

          • Ask the 27 countries that are still in the EU, is the short answer.
            On the other hand, it makes good sense to be largely in alignment with your geographic, cultural and linguistic neighbours, especially when a large part of your trade is with those countries, and there’s with you; when such a bloc represents a powerful bargaining position when it comes to trading with other large nations such as the USA and China.
            Much is made of the fact that 3x EU the UK will be able to arrange it’s own trade deals with other nations.
            True, but why? We already have 3xcellent deals, via Europe. Any unilateral deals with, for example, the USA (“America first” – Donald Trump) will be overwhelmingly in favour of the States (themselves a federal bloc) rather than the UK.

        • Tony, If you spent £9 million pounds, before a referendum, on telling the people of the UK that they will be better off staying in Europe and you were unsuccessful, what would your advice be? And please don’t say have another referendum.
          Don’t kid yourself, the UK will never become part of the USA. If you believe that, you believe in fairies. On that note, you might well do.

          • “Don’t kid yourself, the UK will never become part of the USA”. Thats the point, isn’t it? We are currently part of the EU, with whom we have excellent trade deals, and to whom we send democratically elected MEPs. If we enter into deals with the USA, it will be completely under their terms (we’ll come with a begging bowl) and we will have absolutely no democratic say in anything.
            It would be better in those circumstances if we were a part of the USA; at least we could have a vote.

      • Tony, there are forcers greater than you, me, multiple combinations of opinions, whatever, wherever. Have you ever considered researching “Bilderburg” Welcome to the real world, but be careful. You may one day be making American tablets for our great service the NHS. Yes, ours !!!
        You may be rest assured, unlike many other’s, I kid myself not. Truth and reality, with evidence. So far in your comments, I do not detect any evidence to back up to your statements, only suppositions. Yes, I agree with reasonable “What if’s”, but your reasoning is on a hypothetical basis. Can you tell the good people of the UK what are the winning lottery numbers are going to be.
        Recent history shows, how inaccurate have our “soothsayer’s” been. Great minds told us, just like your good self, what “is” going to happen. The walls tumbled down. there were no foundations. While that was happening, the UK tax payers kept Brussels smiling. Does this situation allow you, your family, friends and neighbours, the full choice of happiness and satisfaction, with the full knowledge that they are supporting a non-elected, non-accountable, bureaucratic, law making, system.
        Tony, “your appetite grows upon what it feeds” “Choose your newspapers carefully” Force yourself to try and read the “Brexiteer”, full of facts.
        Would it also be possible for you to remove the screen, which appears to be preventing you from widening your life experiences.
        Let us all try and show some humility, with justness, and truth. these qualities allow a human being to stand up and be counted. These qualities seldom manifest themselves in a “know-all”

  4. The commons are 90 percent remainers John bercow is totally biased as is the bbc the lords have their grubby fingers all over the EU the law courts are biased, as many work for the EU courts.

    • According to Andrew McGill, those who want to leave the EU are not ill-informed. So the 90% of the Commons who want to stay in the EU are ill-informed?

    • And what percentage of MPs voted in favour of Boris’ Bill last week? Was it 10%, or was it 52%?
      I’d you’re going to post stuff here, at least post stuff that you can justify with actual facts, rather than nonsense.

  5. Theresa May was taken to court for triggering Article 50 despite knowing that the leave campaign lied and cheated. Her QC said in court “The Prime Minister does not pretend the referendum is unblemished by criminality and corruption but is content to proceed “.

    I don’t think any of us need to pretend this has anything to do with democracy any more, do you?

    • Rosemary, well said. !!!
      My apologies to you, but do you feel that a positive approach would be more assertive.
      “I do think many of us do not need to pretend this has anything to do with democracy…..”
      This perhaps, will prevent you from being asked, ” If that is what you ‘don’t’ think, could you please tell me what you ‘do’ think?
      I certainly fully accept the spirit of your message. Kind regards.

  6. The Remain campaign is pious, defective and disingenuous. It argued that Brexit would be complicated, costly and extremely risky, which is precisely what Remainers still claim today.This was hardly a state secret. It was aired in the media every day for weeks by, among others, the then prime minister, chancellor, leader of the opposition and the leader of the Liberal Democrats.But 17.4 million people chose to ignore that argument, preferring to prioritise the issues of economics (yes free trade), identity and sovereignty and not be shackled to a system that for example, has driven eye watering youth unemployment in places such as Spain. They are not reactionaries, racists or xenophobes, as so many ultra-Remainers claim.They have been bolstered by the fact that the economic apocalypse so many predicted at the time of the vote has not come to pass.

    • We are still in the EU but already large companies are transferring from Britain to other countries. Thousands of jobs in Britain have already been lost.

    • Brexit will cost £70billion, and GDP down 3.5%, according to NIESR.
      A small price to pay for blue passports, chlorinated chicken, steroidal beef and our “Sovereignty “, what ever that is.

      • Morning Tony,
        Just think what UK could have saved if we all had acted in a one, wholesome, United Kingdom. Unfortunately, we all do not share the same view, so on reflection, had we left a “no Deal” basis, how much extra money would have been available for e.g. our National Health Services.
        So Tony, thank you very much for your contribution to costing the tax payers of the UK £70 billion pounds. Feel very proud about the cost of your action.
        I am no friend of Boris, but we at least say in his defence he is a “True Brit” despite being European.
        Are you able to stand up and declare your allegiance?

  7. Turnout in 1975 to JOIN the then Common Market was 64.6%
    Turnout for the referendum to leave the EU was 72.2% of the electorate, the third highest voter % turnout.
    1950 general election was 84% and the 1992 general election was 72.3%
    We live in a Democracy but in a first past the post system. It works well if you get your way but not apparently when you don’t. I voted to Remain but now with greater knowledge and with the research into the UNDEMOCRATIC way the EU is run, coupled with the dictatorial nature of the future direction of the EU I want to LEAVE with no Treaty and negotiate a fresh agreement on trade. Three years on and we haven’t even BEGUN to do this, all we have done is dance to the tune of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. PLEASE stop arguing about “lies” “didn’t know what you were voting for” and all the rest. We were asked “STAY or LEAVE” a fairly unambiguous decision. Quote from Collins English dictionary “If you leave an institution, group, or job, you permanently stop attending that institution, being a member of that group, or doing that job.”
    I thinks that means we stop obeying their rules

  8. I think the reason that little progress has been made in leaving Europe is that most politicians (of every political colour) with the exception of the ERG know damn well that to leave without a deal would be a catastrophe, and to leave with a bad deal a disaster.
    But how to explain this to their voters (Brexit means Brexit, and Out means Out) when said voters have such a limited lexicon?

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