Police called after English language students assaulted by youths in Broadstairs

Kent Police

Police are investigating an assault on several English language students who were attacked while being filmed by youths in Broadstairs.

The horrifying incident took place on Queen’s Road at around 10pm last night (October 22) and the students, believed to be visiting from Germany, are studying at the Kent School of English (KSE).

A boy was reportedly punched in the face and a girl assaulted while being filmed on a mobile by marauding teenagers.

The incident happened on Queen’s Road

Rebecca James witnessed the incident and says the group were smashing bottles and kicking signs over before turning on the group of terrified students.

She told The Isle of Thanet News: “They started suddenly on a group of students who came round the corner. I spoke to them and asked them if they were ok, including the boy who was hit- he was really upset but wanted to go home as he was trying not to cry. The girl was crying and told me one filmed it while the other one hit her. A tutor from KSE came to help but the kids fled. It was horrible to see 14 and 15-year-old visitors to our town going home with injuries and in tears.”

KES confirmed they contacted police several times during the incident and are expected to see officers tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

Police confirmed: “We were called to a disturbance in Queens Road, Broadstairs at around 10.20pm on Tuesday, October 22. Officers attended where a number of people reported being assaulted.”