Police called after English language students assaulted by youths in Broadstairs

Kent Police

Police are investigating an assault on several English language students who were attacked while being filmed by youths in Broadstairs.

The horrifying incident took place on Queen’s Road at around 10pm last night (October 22) and the students, believed to be visiting from Germany, are studying at the Kent School of English (KSE).

A boy was reportedly punched in the face and a girl assaulted while being filmed on a mobile by marauding teenagers.

The incident happened on Queen’s Road

Rebecca James witnessed the incident and says the group were smashing bottles and kicking signs over before turning on the group of terrified students.

She told The Isle of Thanet News: “They started suddenly on a group of students who came round the corner. I spoke to them and asked them if they were ok, including the boy who was hit- he was really upset but wanted to go home as he was trying not to cry. The girl was crying and told me one filmed it while the other one hit her. A tutor from KSE came to help but the kids fled. It was horrible to see 14 and 15-year-old visitors to our town going home with injuries and in tears.”

KES confirmed they contacted police several times during the incident and are expected to see officers tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

Police confirmed: “We were called to a disturbance in Queens Road, Broadstairs at around 10.20pm on Tuesday, October 22. Officers attended where a number of people reported being assaulted.”


  1. Oh how lovely England is becoming (sic).
    The Cretin generations now breeding “super-cretins”…. “Go on my Son, go out and beat up a few foreigners (Dinner (MacDonalds) table conversation, before “super-crets” go out for the evening).
    The youth of today inherited a lot of ‘cracks’ from their pot-head parents. It’s sickening.
    Mind you, Police are no better. Weighed down by bureaucracy, under severe pressure since Government decided to ‘cut’ them by half.
    Anyone who smoked pot (or worse) in the 70’s-80’s-90’s, should look what their degenerated children are doing today!
    These attacks have happened a few times in Canterbury, Hastings, Brighton. Let us watch people… report any gangs or groups of Teens who even look slightly suspicious immediately to our Wardens, PCSO’s, and yes, even directly, the Police.

    • Calm down rob, I’ve never seen a pot head attack anyone. We drink three times as much per person as we did in the 70’s and significantly more spirits where as pot smoking is at its lowest ever levels despite the hysteria but im sure thats got nothing to do with it.

    • Robster well said its another Race Hate crime again what is happening with a lot of our youth nowadays thank goodness it’s not all of them its mainly the ones who cannot be bothered to learn who’s heads are full of weed there brains what they have left is mangled up. Hate! Hate! Hate! Is all they see of anyone who is foreign sounding or looking and anyone who is trying to learn and better themselves. This has gotten worse since the referendum in 2016 and the fear whipped up by a certain few politicians. The frightening thing about it is they seem to think there at war fighting against all of them. Try to be more tolerant to one another.

  2. I know plenty of people whose children have done and/or are still doing very well at school, at university and in their work. despite their parents having smoked dope when young. There are factors other than cannabis use involved.

    • Yes, thanks to the left leaning luvvies, we now have a generation of teenage thugs who have no respect for anyone or anything at all. If caught, they believe they will get away with no more than a telling off & a mild one at that as we don’t want to hurt their feelings now do we. Don’t get me wrong, as a teenager I was no angel but I soon learnt the hard way that I wasn’t invincible, something that made me reassess my attitude.

      • Agree 100%. The left leaning social workers and teachers that have shaped government policies over the last 20 years Have created a generation of youngsters that have no fear of current punishments available to parents.
        Criminals now also realise that the chance of going to prison is slim and being adequately punished for your crimes is now virtually impossible with liberal judges viewing criminals as the victims.
        The left and liberals have removed the deterrents of crime. A mild telling off or being made to apologise to the victims is not a deterrent. Community sentences do not work as a deterrent.
        Ask any policeman what they think of community sentencing and soft policing and they disagree with it, they want to see offenders locked up and punished not allowed back into communities to continue their crimes. The police are continually arresting the same criminals only for liberal judges to deny them the prison sentence they deserve.
        People need to stop making excuses for these lowlifes.

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