Part of street in Margate taped off following assault of police officer

Addington Street Photo Rachel Oakes

Part of a street in Margate was taped off today (October 23) following an attack on a police officer.

The area at Addington Street was cordoned off by officers following the assault which resulted in the victim being taken to hospital for medical attention.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “At around 4.10pm a Kent Police officer was on patrol in Addington Street, Margate when he stopped his vehicle to speak to a man who was acting suspiciously.

“The officer was then subjected to an assault and other patrols attended the scene where a 26-year-old man of no fixed address was arrested on suspicion of assault and theft. He remains in police custody while the investigation continues.”


  1. Here is hoping the officer is going to be OK when you’re doing your work protecting the public from crime. Officer suspects someone is acting suspicious he must of been correct as he is assaulted by the person looking like the officer was right! It’s tough life being policeman /woman it’s not just us the public that they provide protection for their is greater chance now they will be injured. Keep the good work up under trying conditions. And best wishes for the assaulted officer.

  2. No one should be assaulted for doing their job. People say “well its what they signed up for” but thats simply not true. Do they expect it? Yes. Is it in the job description? No. The police exist to protect lives, stop crime, an investigate it. This is just another example of an officer putting his life on the line to make the streets a little safer.
    I hope he recovers an is okay.

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