St Gregory’s primary in Margate celebrates ‘good’ rating from Ofsted

Celebrations for St Gregory's pupils, staff ad parents

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School in Margate is celebrating after Ofsted inspectors rated the school as good in all areas.

The grading follows an inspection last month. It is a reflection of improvements made since the school was classed as requiring improvement by Ofsted in 2017.

The inspectors noted that: “St. Gregory’s has changed a lot in the last year,” adding: “Pupils feel safe. They say that ‘everyone is kind and happy’.”

The primary, in Nash Road has 264 pupils aged 3-11. The Ofsted report highlights: “Pupils learn reading, writing and mathematics successfully. They practise teamwork when they work together in groups, and they learn not to give up. Staff give pupils extra support to help them learn if they find the work difficult.”

Inspectors also noted: “At playtime, there is lots of laughter as pupils play with the wide range of equipment in the spacious playground. Bullying is rare. Pupils are confident that if anyone is unkind, staff will sort it out quickly.”

The report says St Gregory’s develop talents through activities such as  performing at the local theatre and taking part in a virtual orchestra as well as with clubs, including ‘quidditch’, basketball and cricket.

Teaching in mathematics and science was praised, as was the care shown for disadvantaged   pupils and those with special educational needs.

Inspectors say to improve further St Gregory’s should put effective plans in place for learning in geography, history, the arts and physical education; ensure that disadvantaged and special educational needs pupils attend regularly and to centralise safeguarding records.

Academy Principal Diane Rougvie-Fevrier said: “This is a huge achievement for the school that in its last inspection required improvement. Staff, children and parents have worked together to ensure progress and improvements have been made over the past two years and the school has become a lovely community of which we are all proud.”