Wave of Light in Ramsgate and Margate marks end of Baby Loss Awareness Week

Wave of Light Photo Frank Leppard

Photos Frank Leppard

People gathered in Ramsgate and Margate last night (October 15) at two Wave of Light events to remember little ones lost in pregnancy or infancy.

The Wave of Light event in Ramsgate was organised by  mum Crystal Venus who wants to erase the taboo that can surround the loss of a child and encourage bereaved families to share their grief and love.

Candles and bottles lit with fairylights shone at the base of the obelisk and surrounds on Ramsgate seafront.

In Margate the clocktower was again lit in blue and pink by James Brown AV and candles were lit at a gathering organised by mum Stacie Goddard.

Both events coincided with the close of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

The awareness week,  in its 17th year, ran from October 9-15 and was an opportunity for bereaved parents, families and friends, to commemorate babies’ lives and break the silence around pregnancy and baby loss in the UK.