A28 at St Nicholas-at-Wade blocked by overturned waste truck

The turned over truck Photo Peter Johnson

A council waste truck has overturned on the A28 at St Nicholas-at-Wade, going towards Sarre, blocking the road.

Three people have reported injuries.

Kent Police and the South east Coast Ambulance service are at the scene.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a collision on the A28 in St Nicholas at Wade, Birchington at around 11.15am.

“Officers are at the scene along with the South East Coast Ambulance Service where three people have reported injuries.”

The road is currently closed.

Thanet council says it is aware of the incident but has no further detail as yet.


  1. What is happening TDC twice in days rubbish trucks are being a cause for concern about who is driving them first one is driven on to a beach and is well stuck now one is on its side as yet we don’t know what happened as another vehicle is involved and 3 injured which I hope are not serious injuries that aside the truck in the sand is utterly stupid driving was it taken without owners consent (twoc) no one knows has the gods got it in for the council workers!!

    • Yes – seems more than coincidence that two TDC refuse trucks meet an unfortunate demise in the same week . . . or is it the same vehicle or driver on both occasions ? ? ?

  2. Karma, one of the report (2018) 2 worst roads in East Kent has yet another accident on it this time involving local authority vehicle. they removed the cats eyes on the A28 and the road that runs parallel towards the other roundabout near Minster. these two roads are dangerous and with recent poor weather are getting worse. add to that lorries heading towards Manston, can just see more accidents.

  3. Perhaps the council is after some insurance payout after all they are strapped for cash! Or am I just being cynical?

  4. I was at the scene not long after it happened, on my way to Canterbury from Birchington. All I could see from behind the line of traffic, was the truck on it’s side and a van to one side of it.I certainly haven’t thought of anything else than learning if the people involved were injured seriously, not in putting blame at the council’s feet or to the driver of the truck or the vehicle itself.

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