Council street cleansing truck stuck on Palm Bay beach

Stuck Photo Triston Wallace

Thanet council says work is ongoing to free a street cleansing truck that is stuck on Palm Bay beach today (October 14).

The vehicle has been wedged in the sand for more than an hour.

A council spokesperson said the authority “was aware” of the situation.


  1. Took a wrong turn??? Someone is going to be in trouble. Wait till the tied comes in he will be in high water then lol

  2. Thanet District Council is clearly taking beach litter picking very seriously. I bet there’s a senior manager already fired up to shout in the face of the offending crew – or has the truck been nicked?

    • There is no prom there. It slopes to the beach so theres a gap of a 100 yards or so to where it starts again. He wasn’t going fast enough to make it lol.

  3. What a Ship’s Anchor!
    This accident is a result of Thanet Council’s heavy reliance on un-trained, un-vetted agency staff.

    • Was burying the officer who can’t control a bag of crisps or his love life with a CEO which was not declared and more sex on beach in big dipper

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