Wave of Light on Ramsgate main sands to remember little ones lost in pregnancy or infancy

The wave of light gathering hld in Margate in 2018 Photo Frank Leppard

Candlelight will shine from Ramsgate main sands this month as people gather to remember little ones lost in pregnancy or infancy.

The Wave of Light event on October 15 has been organised by Ramsgate mum Crystal Venus who wants to erase the taboo that can surround the loss of a child and encourage bereaved families to share their grief and love.

The lives of Crystal, 30, and partner Daniel Brady, 29, changed forever in July last year when their daughter Sapphire, twin to Brandon now aged one, suddenly stopped breathing.

Crystal with twins Sapphire and Brandon

Crystal frantically peformed CPR and then doctors tried to save her but the little one, aged just 11 weeks, passed from sudden infant death syndrome (Sids).

The syndrome is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old.

Crystal, who is also mum to Kaitlin 6, Elisha 5, Aedan 3 and Brandon, said: “ My little one was part of a set of absolutely perfect twins who fought for the first three weeks of their lives in the special care baby unit.

“Then Sapphire was snatched away in the night to SIDS and left behind her twin and a broken family who absolutely love and miss her.

“We will keep her memory alive always and forever and will support those struggling and facing their own demons.”

Following the tragedy Crystal set up facebook page Sapphire’s Promise to raise awareness of Sids and offer support. The page is  used to raise funds for cuddle cots – cooling mattresses that can be placed in a cot or a pram to allow parents time with their baby before their funeral – and for memory boxes.

She also organised a Wave of Light event in Margate last year, on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, which was attended by a gathering of families who had suffered loss.

This year, following a family move, the event will be held from 6pm on Ramsgate main sands, again on October 15 for the annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance. 

It is being sponsored by Rhythm Express Performing Arts Birchington and Wacadoodles & Toys and Canterbury Pearls & Gifts. 

There will be Sapphire’s Promise Wave Of Light candles and the family of Lucas Dobson, who lost his life aged 6 when he fell into the River Stour at Sandwich in August, have been invited.

Crystal said: “I do this so us bereaved parents have a place to stand together, side by side and hand in hand, to remember our babies and show the world we won’t forget them. We will keep talking about them as they are our babies and they will be a part of us forever and loved forever.


“There is such a big taboo around pregnancy and infant loss and we need to stand together and united so we can stamp that out. Our grief and babies shouldn’t be taboo and people shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it or talk to us about it.”

Crystal is also  holding a bake sale for the Lullaby Trust at Birchington Primary School tomorrow (October 4).

Go to Sapphire’s Promise on facebook for confirmation of times.