Donation to Birchington Shelters group as members start work on fourth rebuild

Mrs Page and Mr Adams and other volunteer committee members at the site of the shelter that is currently under construction.

A donation of £756 has been made to the Birchington Shelters & Amenities Group (BSAG) to help with the project to restore nine seashelters along the coastline.

BSAG first launched a campaign, led by residents Karen Everest and Dave Adams, in 2016 with the aim of raising funds to carry out the work.

The Birchington shelters were put in place between the end of the 19th century and the 1930s but all had become weathered and neglected.

Since the launch BSAG are completed three shelters and are at work on their fourth rebuild. The group has enough funds to renovate one further shelter, leaving four of the nine to await for further funds.

The aim is a long-term restoration project that will leave a legacy for generations to enjoy the beautiful coastline.

The third completed shelter

The latest donation was made by The Abbey School in Faversham. The school nominates a local, national and international charity or project to support during an academic year. The School Council take a vote and this year the local project they chose to support was Birchington Shelters & Amenities Group.

The School Council felt the coastline is part of our cultural heritage and that since these shelters have been used by the general public for decades they should be restored.

Over the academic year students organised a range of activities from cake sales, a Lip Sync Battle and many other competitions. Non uniform days were also held. The funds were then divided between the nominated charities.

Helen Page, Director of Student Engagement and Enrichment at the school, said: “The students felt that we should have facilities on our beaches and promenades that everyone can enjoy.

Dave Adams and Karen Everest at the beginning of the campaign

“Shelters were first erected in the early 1930s , I believe, and it is time that they were restored to their former glory. Students feel that looking after our public places is important and they have worked hard to raise the funds. Hopefully future generations will get to use these facilities for many years.”

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  1. That’s good news for Birchington and everyone who uses their shelters. It makes a real difference for an area on the coast to have a shelter to sit in the summer just watching the ships and boats go by. It’s relaxing and they look really smart too.
    It’s such a shame though at the same time this is going on here in Birchington that TDC have boarded up the iconic shelter at the top of Fort Hill in Margate where it was peaceful watching the beautiful sunsets sinking into the sea from and pulled the Edwardian Newgate Gap shelter in Cliftonville down this past week. There was no indication that this was imminent and no indication whether they will rebuild it. There was a local group willing to take it on and do all the repairs to bring it back into use but this seems to have been ignored by those making the decisions in our council. Such a shame the history is being torn down all over Thanet and nothing put in it’s place.

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