Rescue organised for soaked squirrel clinging to west pier wall

The squirrel is clinging to the west pier wall Photo Mark Stanford

An operation was underway to rescue a squirrel trapped on the seaward side of the west pier, by the lighthouse, in Ramsgate today (September 16).

Harbour staff had to organise a work boat to rescue the squirrel which was soaked through, and clinging to the pier wall.

Photo Mark Stanford

The distressed animal was spotted by crew on a pilot boat but there was not a net on board to scoop it up with.

Port Control then organised the rescue. They contacted an angling vessel in the area. Staff on the Black Sea used a net to help the animal off the wall and released it to safety.

A Port Control worker said: “There was a squirrel rescued earlier today. They rescued it with a net and it ran off merrily.”


  1. This is what makes us the country we all love. The desire to rescue this poor squirrel marooned on a wall by the harbour clinging to life. I do hope he/she can be reached in time. Please let us know as soon as it reaches dry land in one piece(hopefully). The British spirit will live on come what may-brilliant! Thanks for broadcasting this story.

  2. And yet some people seem happy to see asylum seekers drown in The English Channel. Yes, what a country we have become.

    • Can see your point but it did make a change to have a squirrel story which ended happily with no trace of racial/political bias…….too much to hope for perhaps…..

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