Arts in Ramsgate invites you to open day demonstrations

Meet the AiR team

Two open days are being held at (AIR) Arts In Ramsgate, this weekend.

The events are today (September 13) from 2pm – 5pm and on Sunday  from noon to 4pm. Refreshments will be provided on both days and there will be demonstrations by AiR arts groups, including pottery.

An AiR spokesperson said: “We are a proud member of the community and we pride ourselves with working to continuously improve the quality of lives for the people of Ramsgate and the surrounding areas.

“The service we having been providing for several years utilises the power of art to enhance people’s lives, thus making us the best community, arts and wellbeing centre in Ramsgate. This service improves lives in a variety of different ways, including using arts to help those with learning disabilities, bringing people together which combats isolation and loneliness and enabling opportunities for those suffering from living in a deprived area.

“For this to happen though, many different aspects of the community from local clubs to the council need to work together. To further this we are holding open days to allow everyone to see what we do, how we do it and how we can work together in the future.

“We are totally staffed by volunteers, who give up their time, energy and flair to make our centre a success.”

Arts in Ramsgate is based at 18 harbour Street.