It’s blast off for pupils at Newington primary school

Out of this world

Space cadets at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate are seeing stars.

Year 5 children took a virtual trip into the heavens inside a planetarium as their space topic blasted off for the coming term. The countdown began when the Astronomy Roadshow touched down in the school hall and invited pupils to explore the universe projected in stunning detail over and around them.

They learned about constellations, orbits, satellites, the international space station and saw a collection of space rocks and astronaut badges.

Head of Year 5 Tom Broughton said: “To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings this year, our science topic will explore the earth, moon and space.

“The visit of the astrodome was the perfect way to start our topic and it really ignited pupils’ interest. They were thrilled to experience the planetarium and become immersed in space and stars.”

In the coming weeks pupils will learn about the different planets in the solar system; the movement of the Earth around the Sun; the orbit of the moon around the Earth; and find out why we have day and night and how the Sun and Moon affect tidal movements.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said:” The astrodome is a terrific learning experience for our children. It engaged them immediately and has provided a strong platform for their space exploration research for the rest of the term.

“Opportunities like this enhance what they are learning in class and really enriches their overall education.”

And the final word about their astrodome experience comes from Year 5 pupils who said it was “out of this world.”