Police close off road in Broadstairs

Kent Police

Police have closed off part of a road in Broadstairs this evening (September 5).

Kent Police was called at 5.01pm to reports of a distressed woman in West Cliff Road.

Officers are in attendance and the woman is now safe however a road closure remains in place while patrols continue to provide assistance at the scene.


  1. This once nice and quiet area for bringing up children is getting worse and worse with crime and violence, I suppose it’s just like everywhere else in the world (society) but I fear for our children just like every parent, I cannot blame the police as with every arrest they make there hands are tied for taking to crown prosecution and we know there aren’t enough resources through out, change society and change our lives!!!

      • You are right it does not mention a crime or violence related incident and hopefully the woman is ok, but given what is happening to our area with my assumptions then you can forgive me if I’m wrong, just be something else today tomorrow or the next.day.

  2. I agree there always violence and crime around Thanet and Canterbury theres no control and when the get to court punish doesn’t fit the crime.

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