Lifeboat warning after man and child rescued from water at Botany Bay

Margate RNLI Photo Frank Leppard

Margate RNLI was called out yesterday (September 2) to help people cut off by the tide, including a man attempting to wade to safety with a young child on his shoulders.

UK Coastguard was contacted by a member of the public around 2pm reporting two people cut off by the tide at the Broadstairs end of Botany Bay. Margate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat, along with Margate Coastguard Rescue Team, were tasked to investigate.

The lifeboat quickly found two adults isolated in a bay beneath the Botany Bay Hotel. They were not in any immediate danger and content to wait for the ebbing tide to allow their exit from the bay. The lifeboat crew supplied them with bottles of water for their unplanned extended beach excursion.

While the lifeboat helmsman was attending the couple ashore, the crew in the lifeboat spotted a man attempting to wade around an adjacent headland. He was up to his neck in water and had his young daughter on his shoulders.

The lifeboat got the man and child into the lifeboat and landed them in Botany Bay. They were both unharmed  and firm safety advice was provided.

Nick Smith, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate RNLI, said: “The situation with the man and child could have ended so differently. The area consists of uneven rock, sand and gullies, some deep: if they had stumbled into a gully the consequences could have been disastrous.

“We urge people to check the state of the tide before venturing around headlands and bays and if you find yourself cut off, stay where you are and attempt to raise the alarm by mobile phone or by shouting to anyone on the clifftop or a passing boat. Do not under any circumstances attempt to wade around the headland but remain in the bay above the waterline.”