Ramsgate woman charged with assaulting 6 police officers

Police stock image

A Ramsgate woman has appeared in court charged with assaulting six police officers and being abusive towards a seventh.

The arrest was made shortly after officers were called to a report of a disturbance in the early morning of Saturday (August 31)  in Sussex Street, Ramsgate.

An officer is reported to have been hit with a plate and a second officer was spat at.

In custody a further three officers reported they were spat at and a fourth received an injury to his hand.

Billie Tyler, 28, of Sussex Street, was charged on Sunday with six counts of assaulting an emergency worker, as well as causing criminal damage to a custody cell, and a public order offence against a seventh police officer.

She was remanded in custody to appear in virtual court today (Monday 2 September).


  1. This violent woman needs to see the inside of a prison cell and remain there for a very long time. There is no justification for her actions and if she can do this to the police and emergency services imagine what she’s like with the general public.

  2. She will probably get a few hours community service, and the Magistrates will tell her’ you narrowly missed going to prison ‘ as usual.

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