Police called to Campaign Against Arms Trade protest at Discovery Park

Protestors at the site Photo East Kent CAAT

Police were called to Discovery Park this morning (August 27) due to a protest being held by the Campaign Against Arms Trade East Kent.

Activists barricaded themselves into the site of Instro Precision which they say supplies Israel with weapons to kill Palestinian people in Gaza.

Instro Precision says it is a supplier and system integrator of support equipment for military and commercial electro-optical sensors in the world.

The firm moved to Discovery Park from Broadstairs where it had been the target of numerous protests.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Police were made aware of five people involved in a protest at an establishment in Artillery Way, Sandwich at 6.28am. Officers attended and were stood down at 12.30pm.

“A report of criminal damage is under investigation.”


  1. putting people’s livelihoods at risk is worth this
    Seems Instro make stuff for the UK armed services

  2. And companies that make weapons sold to other countries? Seems that Israel is the target of these anti-Semite demonstrators.

    • In the Falkland conflict every thing the Argentinian Army had was German French Belgium or British made the Belgrano a battleship we sunk was a British warship from ww2 just sold to them even our own country was selling weapons to our enemies god that is so sick

  3. Get a job you worthless layabouts and start contributing to society. I bet all this lot are down Ramsgate when it suits them stopping the live exports. Might to easy to get rid of them if you tell them the barge is on the way into the port.

  4. Why not protest in your local church did you know one of the biggest investors in the arms trade is the church

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