Kent Police and Crime Commissioner ready to be grilled by you at Margate’s Summer Kitchen

PCC Matthew Scott

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott will be visiting the Summer kitchen site in Margate tomorrow (August 14).

The invite was made by Labour county councillor Barry Lewis who is one of the founding members of the Summer Kitchen alongside Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet boss Sharon Goodyer.

Those present for the evening will be able to ask Mr Scott about policing issues that matter to them.

There will also be entertainment  from Jezo the magician and music from John Cornwell as well as the usual free meals and activities offered by the scheme.

Cllr Barry Lewis with Sharon Goodyer of Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet

Cllr Lewis said it is though to be the commissioner’s first public meeting in Thanet. He added: “He will be coming to answer questions about policing and to hear about people’[s concerns, especially those relating to antisocial behaviour. He has also promised to look at individual one to ones.”

Mr Scott will be at the Summer kitchen at Drapers Mills school from 5pm.

Summer Kitchen scheme when and where

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2pm-8pm at Dame Janet Primary Academy in Ramsgate (community hall, Highfield Road entrance) and Drapers Mills Primary Academy in Margate.


Fun, games and sports for all, arts and crafts, and a place to sit and chat. There will  be hula hooping, belly dancing, flower arranging, crochet, sour dough bread , board games to play, cookery lessons. singers and a Talking Shop. Last year topics included racism and child abuse. People are invited to get in touch if they would like to lead a talk or share a skill or craft, play an instrument or entertain.

Zena will come and read stories and a One You  trainer from the NHS and Regain Hearing will be doing health checks.

Summer Kitchen now also has a resident artist. John paints abstract pieces and will be encouraging everyone to pick up a paintbrush. The scheme needs donations of brushes, paints or canvases.

Inclusive Sport will be delivering a wide range of sports, games and activities to 14 plus age students.  A pair from the team will be at each site for 2 hours every day 2.30pm-4.30 pm.

There will also be free places to train to level 2 food handling.

Eating at the Summer Kitchen

Photo David Stillman


From 5pm-8pm the restaurant opens, with delicious homemade meals.

Food is coming from local allotments and farms, Kent gleaners, Fare Share, Thanet Earth, Gina’s bakery , Principals and Sainsburys.

Sainsbury’s Westwood staff will be rolling up their sleeves at the kitchen, working in Margate on Mondays and Fridays and Ramsgate on Wednesdays from July 29-August 9 and then Margate on Mondays and Ramsgate on Fridays during August 12-28.

All children eat for free and adults can choose what they pay. There will be red collection buckets in the restaurant. Donations of £2 – £3 will cover  the cost of an adult’s meal and help keep the children’s meals free all summer.


  1. There is a huge amount of agressive Anti-social behaviour in Cliftonville West that is being ignored by our local officers for lack of resources. We need the commissioner to come and see for himself then act on all the information given. Life can be hell in that area and it is not all teenagers either. Too many people crammed into poorly maintained private houses which used to be hotels but are now rooms let out in overcrowding streets. Drugs being dealt openly from these ex-hotels and nothing being done to stop it, etc, etc.
    I doubt he will actually get anything done to change the anti-social behaviour we have come to get used to every day of the year, year after year. It’ll just gets worse as it is!

    • You also need to direct your concerns to TDC, much of cliftonville west is covered by a selective licensing scheme that has now been running for 8 years, this is meant o deal with property management issues, but in reality is little more than a revenue stream for the council.
      A close look at a foi request from kent police shows that in cliftonville, the crime rates associated with social housing is twice that for self contained ( flats houses) but that hostels/ care homes/ hmo’s have a much higher associated crime and antisocial behaviour, however the police and council do little as the view is people have to live somewhere and the police can arrest and charge but the courts do little , so instead its seen better contain societies more problematic in the cheapest accomodation available, which means areas like cliftonville.
      Little will change.

  2. The residents and visitors in Hawley Square are held hostage on a daily basis by a group of people who drink, swear, litter, have dangerous dogs on the loose and nothing is being enforced by the Community Safety Team who offices overlook it!

  3. Brilliant night, 80 plus residents saw (no pun intended) police commissioner cut in half by Jezo ace magician while feasting themselves on wonderful food, all with no cost

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