Welfare checks to be carried out following Traveller group arrival at Dane Park

A Traveller group has left Dane Park

Welfare checks are being carried out by council officers following the arrival of a Traveller’s group at Dane Park in Margate.

Officers say if there are no welfare concerns a notice to quit the site will be served.

The group, consisting of around 12-15 caravans, moved on to the park area yesterday (August 4).

Residents have raised concerns that vans are parked on the games pitch and may cause damage.

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of travellers at Dane Park and officers from our Community Safety team continue to follow established legal procedure with a planned visit to the group to carry out welfare checks. If no welfare needs are identified, a Section 77 notice will be served.”

It is thought the group is those who were parked at the Marina Esplanade in Ramsgate.

An action plan is being developed by Thanet council to deal with the growing number of unauthorised Traveller encampments in the district.

A working group has been set up to investigate the issue and  look at areas including Traveller accommodation, security measures and increased enforcement at high risk areas.

The news was revealed at a full council meeting on July 11 in response to a question from Dane Valley councillor Gary Taylor.

There are currently no authorised pitches in Thanet district. The nearest pitches are in Dover and Canterbury.


  1. Here we go again – and again – and again – and again – and again.

    However – you cannot blame Thanet District Council . . . because it hasn’t done anything . . .

  2. We’ve had 5 caravans at the sunken gardens in Westbrook for the last 3 weeks and a Romany one in the car park below with horses for even longer, and still there. The council has served notice to the Doherty family to go, but the process just seems to take so long. Someone recently told me that gypsies were superstitious and wouldn’t cross the Wantsum river as it was bad luck. So long to tradition as these new lot don’t seem to give a toss about that. Erecting posts and hedges would stop all this nonsense.

  3. Thanet doesn’t want a travellers camp. We are trying to revamp thanet and people are talking about having one of these god knows

    • It’s a shame isn’t it when people just want to follow their traditions. Three is a need for a permanent camp for them to use as there is not one in three East of Kent and the demand is clear. Rather than hounding these people from pillar too post the councils should be supporting them and establishing a permanent site as soon as possible rather than wasting money on going them.

      • We don’t want to encourage them, they just make a mess, steal from the locals, and are a general nuisance.

  4. Here we go again. Welfare checks have been done on the same group of parasites just a few weeks ago, costing us – you, me and every other tax payer on this isle – a smalll fortune. When is the law going to be changed? Where are our TWO CONSERVATIVE MPs on this matter? Get it sorted you two, we’ve had enough.

    • Why are they parasites? All they want is a place to pitch unharnessed. The councils Blyth county and District need to get together find a sure fire them rather than hounding them.

      • Swithin.
        OED definition of a parasite: ‘a person who lives off or exploits others’.
        That should answer your question.

        PS. When they pay council tax, road tax, national insurance, inxcome tax etc. etc……………..

  5. There are caravan sites that they can go to that they can pay for amenities, like the rest of us who are out to travel away from home with caravans. The site are usually managed, insured and clean. Tax payers are fitting the bill again….cop out in not contributing.

    • Just seen a caravan with a van looking around the bandstand Clifftonville don’t tell me That’s Where they are going next ?????

  6. Once again, Isle of Thanet News can’t get their facts right. You say they’re parked on a cricket pitch? Dane Park doesn’t have a cricket pitch.

    • No, but it does has travellers. Parked there illegally. So I don’t think the cricket pitch, or lack of one, is at all relevant. But you obviously do. Strange.

    • There was a cricket pitch and it is still referred to as the cricket pitch by many residents, The pavilion was sold and the cricket club moved to opposite Tivoli Woods- the old pavilion in Dane Park is now used for storing football equipment as many matches are now played on what was the cricket pitch. I hope that answers your query Jay

  7. I cant understand all you people moaning about a few families who are insular in nature, (which may be harmful to them in the long turm) stopping in a nice place to spend some time living their lives in peace, “admittedly they aught to leave the place as they found it” (shame on those that don’t) But you same ‘A-holes’ won’t complain about the useless sponging migrants that are flooding into the uk, overwhelming our ‘NHS’ system and depriving the young and old indigenous peoples of this septered isle cheap homes to live in. You should all be ashamed of your comments.

    • Can I just say that the n h s would not function without migrants . I know as I work for the n h s . What do travellers contrbruit to society. Ah yes when they do move on they leave all there rubbish and a lit of body waste and can I ask . Do they pay tax and national insurance contributions

    • Most migrants have jobs and pay national insurance and income tax and so on.
      These so call travellers pay nothing and there proud of it they have been paresite from day one
      These people are not poor they drive big 4×4 s and live in luxury caravans .
      I bet not one of them as ever been prosercuted let alone ever payed a fine for the mess and damage they leave
      start confiscate there caravans problem solved

  8. It’s about time that our MP’s did something about these travellers, we have had enough going from one place to another.
    Send them to another county and let them have these for a while and see if they like it.

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