Photos: Colour, glitz and fun at Margate carnival 2019

Margate carnival Photo Carole Adams

Bands, floats, youth organisations, dancers and a host of weird and wonderful costumes were on show today (August 4) for the annual Margate carnival.

Photo Carole Adams

The parade, which started later than expected due to a broken down vehicle, started off at Palm Bay Avenue, travelled along the Esplanade past Bugsy’s Bowling, The Lido, The Winter Gardens and onto Fort Hill, past Margate Police Station and through The  Piazza and Margate Soul Festival, towards the train station and onto the Royal Esplanade, Westbrook.

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Crowds lined the route to cheer on the floats and all those also taking part on foot, including Westgate’s Wilfred Jenkins and , on his bike, Margate’s Maurice Morris.

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  1. It was lovely seeing the carnival pass through Margate yesterday & great to see so many people lining the streets. However, why are there no reports on the Margate Soul Festival? Thousands of people attended this event, both locals and people from afar. All over the weekend the atmosphere was amazing with three days of partying, everyone enjoying the music & having a brilliant time. There was no trouble that I know off so credit must go to the organisers for such a great event.

      • Not the same thing, I asked why are there no reports on what a great event it was?. Had there been trouble then no doubt it would have been headline news.

        • Because we generally do guides to events, and photos of them after if they are submitted. Nothing as yet has been submitted for the soul festival.

  2. It was ok would’ve been nice if they wasn’t upsetting and causing arguments between children by only handing out one sweet to one child in a group of children! And it was an hour and a half late so no dont lie to people. And once again adults fighting in front of kids and doing those legal balloons drugs which is legal but throwing canesters on the floor so kids ask what they are is ok and the fact the police spoke to them laughed with them and they did nothing but most people get fined for a cigarette on the floor. Absolute shite thanet news stop bumlicking margate its full of scum like Broadstairs and ramsgate you just think margate better cause it gets tv mentions. You should report on how shit the police are and how cheap the parade looks give them more and how adults also get charged to go on shit rides to help their kids not caring if they are disabled. Rip off and same crap. You got to add new stuff. You wont report on this though you’ll keep telling everyone what a lovely town it is.

    • We was in the carnival, we spent about £50 on sweets for the kids and yes this meant that we wasn’t able to give every child sweets, the sweets we used was packs containing more than one sweet and said to share.
      Another reason is if you stopped to make sure every child got a sweet you’d hold up the whole parade and that in turn would enjoy the spectators.

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