Long term traders miss out on Broadstairs Folk Week pitches following review

Bob Simkins will not be at this year's Folk Week craft fair

Several long-term traders at Broadstairs Folk Week’s craft fair will not be at this year’s event after a change of policy.

Broadstairs Folk Week organiser Jo Tuffs says a review was carried out last year into the mix and style of stalls on offer at the Victoria Gardens fair.

The result of that review means some traders were not offered a spot this year.

Among them is Bob Simkins who has been a regular at the fair for the last 18 years, travelling with clothing from his home in Goa.

Bob, originally from Ramsgate, said: “They sent out letters to around seven of us, that I know about, to say we would no longer be offered a spot. There was no thank you for all the years we have done.

“They don’t want people stopping on site (in caravan/trailers), last year they turned the electric off at 9pm and after doing 12 hour days you want some comfort.

“I have been doing Folk Week for 18 years, I am the longest, continuous stall holder. Now it will just be pop-up stalls.”

Ms Tuffs said letters were sent in December to give traders time to make alternative event arrangements.

She said: “Following up on some changes that were made in 2018, we reviewed the mix and style of stalls that the  festival was going to book in the following year and we had also had feedback from some festival goers that the Craft and Music Fair needed a revamp.

“After that review  we contacted the traders in December 2018 to inform them of this and so that they were notified in good time to  find alternative events. The terms and conditions for booking a stall at Folk Week are available to download around six months ahead of the event.”

The terms say that only vans that are integral to a stall which are also used for camping, are permitted to camp on the craft fair site.

Folk Week runs from August 9-16.


  1. To be really honest,folk week/music festival/ yob week, will implode,when a handful of dedicated folkys hit the town it was fun,I was a performer,I know how it was,always been run by dictators, if your face fits, great,if not forget it!!!

    • your so right tony if your face don`t fit forget it, your old friend from the cpt, digby (steve)

    • Its a week of sheer hell and disruption for the residents of Broadstairs , many either go away on holiday that week or hibernate till its over !

  2. Its a tricky balance…yes, some people have been there for years…but is that good? The spending public need freshness…theres a limit to the numnber of metal garden charms..embroidered flannels..etc etc etc regular folkies can buy. Its hard..but its commerce.
    A revamp is not a negative..companies do it all the tine to reinvigorate their business. And at the end of the day…like it or not..folk week has business financial books to balance.

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