Families enjoy the first day at Thanet’s Summer Kitchen free activities and food scheme

A little one enjoys dinner at the Summer Kitchen in Ramsgate Photo David Stillman

Pickleball, chickpea and spinach curry, chat and ice cream have all been on offer for the first night of the Summer Kitchen scheme in  Thanet.

The Summer-long programme is headed up by Sharon Goodyer, who created Our Kitchen On The Isle Of Thanet, in 2017 and being held at Drapers Mills school in Margate and Dame Janet primary (community hall- Highfield Road entrance) in Ramsgate.

The aim is not just to combat hunger but to bring people together with activities and the company of other families during the afternoon and then meals from 5pm-8pm.

Sharon at the helm Photo David Stillman

All children eat for free and adults can choose what they pay. There will be red collection buckets in the restaurant. Donations of £2 – £3 will cover  the cost of an adult’s meal and help keep the children’s meals free all summer.

At the first night in Ramsgate curry, tuna nicoisse, fruit salad, ice cream and more was on the menu.

Sharon said: “It has been a really good start. The people who have come have had a good time and there have been all sorts of things going on.

“People can just drop in and if they want the food as takeaways that is fine or they can stay and eat with other families. There are going to be lots of activities coming up.”

Supporters include Sainsburys Westwood, who are donating 600 hours of volunteer staff time, Inclusive Sport, Your Leisure, Thanet Community Forest School, Kent Gleaners,Thanet, Fareshare, Windmill Allotments, Geoff Philpott’s farm, Thanet council, Fit and Fed and county councillors Barry Lewis and Karen Constantine.

The Isle of Thanet News is also one of the community supporters of the scheme. Others include Truprint Media,Thanet Academy FM, Ramsgate Town Team, Ageless Thanet and Leon Naturally Fast Food which has donated compostable takeaway boxes.

The scheme is also joined by isle children’s centres, The Little Art Cart and the Street Games Fit and Fed programme.

At Ramsgate’s kitchen – Dame Janet primary

Photo David Stillman

One mum who popped in today is Laura Bristow, from Newington.

The mum-of-six and four of her children took part in activities and then enjoyed a meal. Laura was also able to take away meals for her other two youngsters.

She said: “Four of my children came for the stuff outside. It’s good as I don’t have to worry about what we are having for dinner and it gave me a bit of a night off.

“The food is nice and not something that I would usually do with the chickpeas and the spinach. We are coming back on Wednesday.”

When and where

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2pm-8pm at Dame Janet Primary Academy in Ramsgate (community hall, Highfield Road entrance) and Drapers Mills Primary Academy in Margate.


Photo Caroline Dyal

Fun, games and sports for all, arts and crafts, and a place to sit and chat. There will  be hula hooping, belly dancing, flower arranging, crochet, sour dough bread , board games to play, cookery lessons. singers and a Talking Shop. Last year topics included racism and child abuse. People are invited to get in touch if they would like to lead a talk or share a skill or craft, play an instrument or entertain.

Zena will come and read stories and a One You  trainer from the NHS and Regain Hearing will be doing health checks.

Summer Kitchen now also has a resident artist. John paints abstract pieces and will be encouraging everyone to pick up a paintbrush. The scheme needs donations of brushes, paints or canvases.

Inclusive Sport will be delivering a wide range of sports, games and activities to 14 plus age students.  A pair from the team will be at each site for 2 hours every day 2.30pm-4.30 pm.

There will also be free places to train to level 2 food handling.

Eating at the Summer Kitchen

Photo David Stillman

From 5pm-8pm the restaurant opens, with delicious homemade meals.

Food is coming from local allotments and farms, Kent gleaners, Fare Share, Thanet Earth, Gina’s bakery , Principals and Sainsburys.

Sainsbury’s Westwood staff will be rolling up their sleeves at the kitchen, working in Margate on Mondays and Fridays and Ramsgate on Wednesdays from July 29-August 9 and then Margate on Mondays and Ramsgate on Fridays during August 12-28.

All children eat for free and adults can choose what they pay. There will be red collection buckets in the restaurant. Donations of £2 – £3 will cover  the cost of an adult’s meal and help keep the children’s meals free all summer.

More can be found on the new Our Kitchen on The Isle of Thanet website here


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