Fire crews called to blazing farmer’s field at Acol

The field fire Image by Encade Photography

Huge plumes of smoke and flames could be seen from fires in a farmer’s field at Acol this evening (July 24).

Firefighters have tackled a fire outbreak in an area the size of two football pitches in the field off Plumstone Road at the rear of Thanet Earth going towards Birchington.

A fire service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 6.21pm to Plumstone Road, Acol,  to a standing corn fire that was spreading quickly.

“The fire involved an area about the size of two football pitches. Fire crews used beaters, hose reels and flex packs to put the fire out and worked in conjunction with a local farmer who assisted by putting a fire break in place to stop the fire spreading to an adjacent field containing livestock.”

Firefighters left the area at 7.16pm and all animals and people are safe.


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  1. It only takes a fragment of glass to start a blaze in this weather the fire brigade and farmer did well to extinguish it so quickly well done all

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